To educate students in the cutting edge methods of stroke and racing skills development for the competitive swimmers. The Academy will teach its students the “Marsh Philosophy”. Coach David Marsh's career spans 35 years of coaching experience with the highest success at every level (club, college, professional). Education and inspiration will be offered  through curriculum based classes.  Private sessions and educational seminars with Olympians and US National Team Coaches and athletes will be offered on different occasions.  The “Marsh Philosophy” methods and skill progressions have been proven extremely effective for every level of swimmer.
Aspiring swimmers will prioritize physical and skill development at a pace that is healthy and likely to lead to long- term success in our great sport. The MSA will help swimmers reach their fullest potential by emphasizing competitive elements in stroke technique, dryland skills, mental preparation and competitive race development.  All of our Coaches are highly trained in the methods and teaching sequences that has helped David and his wife Kristin Marsh become known as some of the very best in the nation.
MSA will offer 3 week long Skills Enhancement Series or "Classes".  Registration will be limited to Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Small group sessions will have a max of 4/1 teacher to swimmer ratio.  S essions begin with the opportunity to observe and gain inspiration from the world-class Team Elite professional swimmers.  The classes will be 5:30-6:30pm at the JCC, approximately 15 minutes of land education then 45 minute in the water .  Most sessions will involve video feedback from our coaches trained specific for the appropiate level they are working with.
  • Class 1 Novice "getting better!" (8-12 years old and capable of a 25 of each stroke). Max 4/1 student teacher ratio.
  • 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks= $450
  • Class 2 Intermediate "Skills for Speed!" 9-18 years old and has at least one National Motivational Times "B" time standard.
  • 2 sessions per week = $550
  • Class 3 Advanced "Skills to Peform!"  9-18 years old and has at least one NMT "A" time standard.
  • 2 sessions per week = $600

     **Personal coaches (club or school) are welcome to attend one of the sessions free of charge.

For Private (or semi-private) Sessions with Marsh Swim Academy please call 858-304-3151.  The location, times and fees for these sessions will vary depending on the goals of the athlete.