*****It is possible to still join TeamELITE if you live in the San Diego area***** 858-304-3151 FOR TRYOUT INFORMATION

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Does my child or do I need to be a member of the JCC to be a member of Team Elite?

A: No, as long as you obtain a guest pass to enter and exit the facility, you do not need to be a member.  You may become a member and reap the benefits of your fitness while your child takes part in the best swimming opportunity in the State of California!


Q: Will David Marsh be coaching my child?

A:  If your child is attending practices regularly, Yes David Marsh will be coaching.  David frequently works with all of the different groups personally and the entire curriculum and coaching mindset of the staff is based on the direction of Coach David Marsh.


Q:  Can younger siblings join as well?

A:  Team Elite Stingrays works in coordination with the JCC Barracudas.  Younger less experienced siblings are encouraged to join the Barracudas for their introduction and on-boarding until ready to dive in with the Stingrays.


Q:  What equipment is needed:

A:  A team Speedo suit, goggles, front mount snorkel, training fins, athletic shoes.  These are the primary needs for all the groups.  


Q:  Will my child get to see the Professional Athletes very often?

A:  The one of the most unique and special parts of Team Elite Stingrays is the daily interaction with the best swimmers on the planet.  Swimmers of all abilities have access to observe and work with the professionals, getting the most intimate access that is possible in the sport.