TRA's Summer Swim Team


Team Rebel's Summer Swim Team is dedicated to providing excellence through the sport of swimming by developing character, leadership and accountability in an environment of teamwork and competition.


Goals and Objectives

To be 3x BETTER than swim lessons!

Learn More: Your child will have experienced, professional coaches who know how to help young swimmers progress

Learn Faster: With practice offered 5 days a week


Financial Obligations

The total cost of the seven-week program is a one time fee of $250, this breaks down to $35 per week. The fee will help pay for pool rental, your USA Swimming Seasonal registration, and coaching instruction. Sibling discount is $195 (automatically added). If you have any questions about the financials please reach out to [email protected].


Practice Location & Schedule

We will be practicing at Heritage Park Aquatics Complex (310 S. Racetrack Rd., Henderson, NV, 89105). We encourage all athletes to be on deck, ready to swim 10 minutes prior to the actual start time. Daily practice attendance is not required, but recommended.  We encourage kids to engage in multiple sports and activities! However, as with anything, you will get out of this what you put into it. Daily practice attendance will result in the most improvement.

Ages 10 & Under: 1:30-2:15pm

Ages 11 & Over: 2:15-3:15pm

May 31- July 15


Criteria for Joining


We exist to help swimmers transition from swim lessons to competitive swimming. Therefore, our criteria to make the team are very reasonable. Most importantly, your swimmer should be water safe! 


Ages 8 & Under- Swimmer is expected to be able to jump into the deep end and confidently make it back to the wall


Ages 9-10- Swimmer is expected to be able to swim 12 yards (half a pool length) without stopping using any stroke 


Ages 11 & Over- Swimmer is expected to be able to swim the pool length (25 yards) without stopping using any stroke


Knowledge of the different strokes is not a requirement for joining the team!

Practices will aim to help every swimmer progress their skills at all levels



Equipment Information


The following equipment is highly recommended for the TRA summer swimming program:

Swim Cap

Goggles- Examples

Practice Swim Suit- Any color is acceptable, however, girls should be in snug-fitting one-piece; boys should wear a "jammer"; no swim trunks or two pieces please!

Water Bottle

Fins- Examples

SwimOutlet and Amazon are great online shopping options. If you are interested in-person shopping, Swim2000 is a great swim shop.



The program is overseen by the Team Rebel Aquatics senior coaches, Lorena Diaconescu and Ben Loorz. Coach Lorena was an All-American and Olympian at UNLV, and has spent the last 20 years developing some of Las Vegas's best young talent. Coach Ben is currently the head coach at UNLV, and his own kids (who are all soccer players) will be joining this summer program!

On deck every day, you'll see lead coaches Steven Butler and Ruby Howell. Coach Steven is a senior on the UNLV squad, and has an extensive summer league swimming background from his time growing up in northern Virginia. Coach Ruby is a junior on the UNLV women's team, and is majoring in elementary education...she loves kids! Both lead coaches are ENTHUSIASTIC and KNOWLEDGEABLE, and that is what you can expect from the Team Rebel coaching staff every day.
Racing is a very important and fun part of learning and applying skills. We are aiming to hold intrasquad competitions on three Fridays for the swimmers. These will be low-key and fun. Swimmers will have a chart where they can track their improvment throughout the season. 
We will need parent involvment on race days to help time the swimmers!

More Questions?

Contact teamrebels[email protected] with any more question you might have!