Trojan History


Trojan History/Overview

Trojan Water Polo Club is an all-ages, private water polo club that is based in the Beach Cities of Los Angeles, and has been serving our local communities for almost 20 years. These communities include Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, Torrance, and beyond. 

Trojan Water Polo Club is more than just a sports club…it’s a community made up of local families. Since Trojan Water Polo Club’s inception, we have strived to provide unparalleled service to our community. Many of our member families have multiple children playing and some who even coach splashball and water safety. Trojan Water Polo Club values giving back to our community and we make an active effort to hire locally; almost all of our coaches grew up and still live in the South Bay.

We are proud of how Trojan Water Polo Club has grown substantially over this past decade under the leadership of our Director, Erik Healy.


Trojan Water Polo Club – Highlights

  • We have over 20 athletes currently playing NCAA water polo at various colleges and universities. 
  • In the last 3 years, Trojan has had 11 teams competing at the Junior Olympic Qualifier per year, more than any other water polo club in the South Bay area.  
  • In 2019 at Junior Olympics (the biggest water polo tournament in the world), we had 4 teams finish ‘Top 10’ in the United States; including, a 4th Place finish by our 16U Boys team!


Trojan Water Polo Club @ ‘Junior Olympics’

Recent Notable Results in Platinum Level (Most Competitive Bracket) 

2019: 10U Coed, 8th place - Head Coach: Damon Kern

2019: 12U Boys, 8th place - Head Coach: Jon Reichardt

2019: 14U Boys, 8th place - Head Coach: Chris Pawlik

2019: 16U Boys, 4th place - Head Coach: Erik Healy

2018: 10U Coed, 2nd place - Head Coach: Jon Reichardt

2018: 18U Boys, 9th place - Head Coach:  Erik Healy

2018: 16U Boys, 7th place - Head Coach: Jack Plaga

2017: 16U Boys, 2nd place - Head Coach: Erik Healy

2017: 14U Boys, 8th place - Head Coach: Chris Pawlik

2016: 18U boys, 5th place - Head Coach: Erik Healy

2015: 14U boys, 3rd place - Head Coach: Nik Healy