The top 12 things you need to know to use the Trojan Team Unify System and stay informed are summarized below.

  1. The current training schedule can always be found off the Trojan home page at the CALENDAR --> WEEKLY SCHEDULE tab. 
    Direct Link here:
  2. The same schedule is also viewable from the free mobile app OnDeck by choosing the NEWS tab from the app. 
  3. Known season tournament and league dates are viewable off the home page at CALENDAR -->TOURNAMENT DATES AT A GLANCE tab. 
  4. When an event is opened, an email will go out to all eligible to play. That email will provide a link to the event. Information on the event (where it is, how much it costs, how to register for it, 
    when registration closes) will be displayed after you click the event link. Typically, event registration close 2 weeks before the event date. 
    We ask that you do the following for all events that your child is eligible to play in:
    • Commit or decline your player’s availability
    • Enter any conflicts into the notes field during registration (i.e., can only play one day or time constraints….)
    • Update your commitment and notes at any time up til registration close at which time your declaration is final.
  5. After an event has closed, a roster will be posted to the event and an email will go out stating this was done. Only those rostered will be charged for the event.
  6. Before an event your team parent will post a GAMEDAY document to the event that will contain show time and pool location, game times and snack/hydration assignments.
  7. The FAQ tab off the home page has detailed instructions on how to:           
    •  Join USAWP– this is a requirement to practice and play in games
    •  Join the Trojan free texting alert app, REMIND. We use this for last minute alerts and forward game schedules and team meals.
    • Standard TWPC tournament protocols (team attire…)
  8. TWPC billing is monthly. Your account will automatically be billed on the first of every month. Your monthly bill will include dues for the upcoming month plus events from the previous month. If you wish to discontinue your account, you must do so in writing via email to [email protected], [email protected] and your coach at least 5 days before the end of the month. Using an ACH instead of a credit card with save the 3% processing cost.
  9. A COACH directory with their emails is available off the home page under the ABOUT US --> COACH tab. A searchable MEMBER directory can be found after you have logged in by selecting TEAM TOOLS --> MEMBER SEARCH. 
    The member directory is only viewable by logged in members. IF you don’t wish to be in the directory please opt out in your account profile.
  10. All Trojan gear is purchasable off the home page at the GEAR tab. IT will be mailed directly to you
  11. If you have any questions about billing or admin or how to use Teamunify or OnDeck please email [email protected] or your team parent. 
  12. If you have club questions or concerns, please email Erik Healy at [email protected]