Trojan relies heavily on the free REMIND app to send important last minute texts. Reasons for texts can include forward game times and locations, team meals at a tournament, last minute practice schedule changes and unforeseen pool closures.


Recommended method for receiving & managing TWPC Text alerts:

  1. Download the free Remind App
  2. Create an account, parent or student, if you don’t have one already
  3. From within the opened Remind App, select join a class and enter the correct code from the table below for your child's group after the @ sign 
  4. From within the opened Remind App, select the small person icon from the upper left hand side above your classes joined, then select the small wheel like icon from the upper right hand side, this is your settings page. Choose notifications and ensure that both Push and Text are set to ON. This will ensure that your phone gets real time texts when sent. If you are away and don’t wish to have them real time, turn this off. Messages will still be available in the app for you to view when it is convenient for you.


Limited functionality, will be able to receive texts only:

  1. Text to the following number 81010 the following message (refer to the table below for your child's code)


Splashball @twpcsplash
10u Coed @twpc10u22
12u Girl @twpc12ug22
12u Boy @twpc12ub22
14u Girl @twpc14ug22
14u Boy @twpc14ub22
16u Girl @twpc16ug22
16u Boy @twpc16ub22
18u Boy @twpc18ub22