The information below is consistent for all of our games unless your team parent or coach states otherwise. 

Player Attire: At a minimum, please have your player wear their Trojan suit and their RED shirt for Saturday games and their WHITE Trojan shirt for Sunday games and any black bottom. If there are games on Friday, wear WHITE; for games on Monday, wear RED.

Nail Check: Referees check nails; so, make sure your player's nails are trimmed.

Forward Game Times and Team Meals: Games are set. Team meals will be texted out via the Remind App. (please see the REMIND TAB for age group specific instructions)

Adult Spectator Gate Fee:  Typically, leagues and OC tournaments do not charge to watch; but, Commerce games tend to charge spectators (12 years and older) $3-5 per day. National level tournaments have spectator fees.