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Members and Supporters of Trojan Water Polo Club,

Like any family, the approach of “it takes a village” is appropriate for the TWPC community as well. While the club’s dues cover a certain amount of the costs to run the club, it would be difficult to sustain without the generosity of our members and supporters. We have many important things to invest in with your donations, with the most important listed below.

1) Scholarships - Trojan continues to provide high level water polo coaching to all athletes regardless of socio-economic background, and we take pride in providing scholarships to those who are in need. This includes dues, events as well as gear. 2018-2019 there were over a dozen families within the club getting scholarships to help athletes participate. 

2) Coaches - Trojan strives to have the best coaching for our athletes. Having qualified, experienced teachers of the game for our athletes is the backbone of our club.

3) Facilities - Trojan's facilities are state of the art. We strive to provide adequate space and time to all of our groups. Trojan also wishes to continue to host regional and national tournaments and events in our own pools.

4) Equipment - Goals, lane lines, caps, balls, training equipment are all needed. We want our athletes to continue to have appropriate equipment for their taining needs.

To donate to our club, please click HERE, or you can send a check to: 

Trojan Water Polo Club
107 N. Aviation Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Thank you for your generosity. 

Trojan Water Polo Club

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