Viking Aquatics, Long Beach CA

Masters (18+) Swimming Program

Monday through Thursday - 5:30 - 6:30 pm, Long Beach City College Pool

Whether you are a current (or former) competitive swimmer, triathlete, open-water swimmer, swim for the benefit of personal fitness or a beginner,you can swim with us! Masters swimming is the lifelong, low-impact exercise! Curious about what Masters swimming is? Check out our F.A.Q.

Practices are held at the Long Beach City College LAC campus.  Training sessions are designed to be well-rounded allowing swimmers to improve their technique, endurance, speed, fitness, and racing skills. Workouts are tailored to fit the needs of each individual swimmer. 


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Group Dues Notes
Regular $60/mo  
Viking Parents/Guardians; LBCC Faculty/Staff $50/mo Must be parent or legal guardian of active swimmer in the Age-Group Viking Aquatics program; LBCC current faculty/staff ID required.
Current College Students $50/mo Current Fa/Sp registration proof required; minimum 12 units.
Daily Drop-In Fee $5/visit Must have current US Masters registration; cannot be used by Viking Masters swimmers.
US Masters $61/yr See below for details.








How to Join:

1. Register through Viking Aquatics website. 

2. Bring proof (print membership card) of registration with Southern Pacific Masters Swimming (SPMA).  The fees for SPMA/USMS are currently $61 per calendar year and registration can be done online.  SPMA provides our liability insurance and all members are required to join.  

Register with:  VIKING AQUATICS (Code: VKNG) and print your proof of membership.  

3. Bring Viking Aquatics dues (cash/check) for the first month; sign up for online autopay for subsequent dues.

NOTE: First-time members joining after the 10th of the month will be prorated for the FIRST month only; there are NO other prorate arrangements.

*”Beginner” – Must be water safe, able to make forward progress unassisted for 25 yards (one length of pool). For those needing adult Learn-to-Swim, see LBCC class schedule, Kinesiology General (KING) 76, or a local LTS program.

Contact Us:

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about Viking Aquatics.

Head Coach Masters:   Bradley Adamson
Email:                           [email protected]