Viking Aquatics, Long Beach CA

Red Group
The Red Group is designed for more advanced beginners, typically 7-10 years old. They do more advanced work on starts and more advanced drills and racing strategies. 
Red group swimmers are expected to participate regularly in meets, including the Metro Championships meet (short course and long course seasons). Meet participation is dependent, though, on regular practice attendance (min. 3x/wk) and the approval of the coach. Practices run Monday through Friday from 5:00-6:00 PM at Long Beach City College. 
Swimmers will be required to purchase equipment such as kickboards, fins, pull buoys.  The required list of equipment can be found on our website.

Move-Up Goals to Blue -

Note: Group advancement is always subject to the coach's recommendation, and the head coach's approval). The following are a starting point, not a rigid list:

  • Official USA time achieved in every stroke:
    • 9-10 - 50 yd; 100 IM
    • Min. 3 red times, any event (all ages within group)
  • Practice/Skills:
    • Consistent flag count finish; basic backstroke flip turn
    • Consistent freestyle flip turns
    • Understands basic intervals (top, bottom, 10, 15, 30, Minute)
    • Min. 70% average attendance report