Viking Aquatics, Long Beach CA

Practice and Meet Expectations

Practice Expectations:

Attendance at practice highly correlates with success, especially in a sport as technical as swimming. Attending less than the minimum negates regular progress. For younger swimmers, it is understood and encouraged that they will have multiple activities, so the expectations are adjusted accordingly. In addition, the minimums listed below are averages, and it is understood that occasional missed practices will occur. Please see the Parent Education documents on the website for further input on understanding healthy competitive development.

  • Jr. Vikings, White – encouraged as often as possible (minimum 2x/week for reasonable progress)
  • Red – minimum 3x/week expected
  • Blue – minimum 4x/week expected
  • Gold – minimum 5x/week expected, including morning practices as prescribed by the head coach.
  • On-Time Arrival – Swimmers are expected to be ready to enter the water at the start of their practice time.
  • Equipment - Each group has specific equipment requirements (listed on the website), and every swimmer is expected to have their equipment at each practice. Please mark all equipment with a Sharpie.
  • Recurring issues with attendance and tardiness will be addressed with the head coach.

Meet Expectations:

Meets are the reward of your child's hard work and your commitment to support them. It is also the *single* most valuable way to mark their progress, and motivate future progress.

  • Jr. Vikings: participation in practice meets (@Viking, regular practice times)
  • White: practice meets, USA meets as recommended by coach
  • Red: practice meets, all USA meets as recommended by coach; Metro Champs meets
  • Blue: all USA meets per season; Metro Champs meets; WAG/JAG Invitationals and Junior Olympics (as qualified)
  • Gold: all USA meets, maximum no. of events chosen by coach; Metro Champs meets; WAG/JAG Invitationals, Junior Olympics, Senior meets (as qualified)
  • There are two pool seasons: Short course (SCY, 25 yard pool), Sept.-Feb., and Long course (LCM, 50 Meter pool), Mar.-July.
  • Multiple Open Water swimming races are available in starting in late Spring, culminating in Open Water JO's at the beginning of August.