Viking Aquatics, Long Beach CA

White Group

The White Group is designed for swimmers who have graduated from the Junior Viking group or can demonstrate the basic skills of all four competitive strokes (typically ages 6-8).  Swimmers will learn an understanding of starts, turns and basic use of the pace clock.  This group will continue to develop and refine stroke mechanics, as well as be introduced to more advanced stroke drills and racing strategies.

White Group swimmers will participate in occasional practice meets at the Viking pool with another local team, and can participate in USA meets with the Coach's recommendation. 

Practices run Monday through Friday from 4:30-5:30 PM at Long Beach City College.  Parents and swimmers should be committed to a minimum of 3 days/week. Swimmers will be required to purchase equipment such as kick boards, fins, pull buoys. The required list of equipment can be found on our website. See TRYOUT page for more details. 

Move-Up Goals to Red -

Note: Group advancement is always subject to the coach's recommendation, and the head coach's approval). The following are a starting point, not a rigid list:

  • Official USA time achieved in every stroke:
    • 8/under - min. 25 yd
    • 9-10 - 50 yd (fly excepted); 100 IM​​
  • Practice/Skills:
    • Basic flag count finish understood
    • Basic freestyle flip turns
    • Consistent 5 sec interval; knows send-off times on clock
    • Min. 70% average attendance report