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Team Policies

School Rules for the swimmers:

  • If you don't do it at school, don't do it at the pool
  • If you don't bring it to school, don't bring it to the pool,
  • If you don't say it at school, don't say it at the pool

The following policies are in place to ensure:

  1. The Victory Aquatics Swim Team is following USA Swimming, US Masters Swimming, USA Water Polo, and Southern California Swimming rules, regulations, and guidelines.
  2. Our team prepares Athletes for the next level of Aquatics Sports while promoting personal growth.
  3. Coaches can work in an environment where the athletes are the focus.
  4. Victory Aquatics operates in a safe and fair manner.

MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy)

Registration Policy

Billing Policy

Leave of Absence (Suspend Account) & Withdrawal Policy

Request for Suspension Form

Practice Policy

Sunshine Swimmers & Specialized Groups Policy

Swim Meet Policy

Service Hour (Volunteer) Policy, Effective Sept 1, 2021

High School Swimmer Policy

Fundraising Policy

Greivance Policy

Code of Conduct - Parents

Code of Conduct - Athletes

Code of Conduct - Coaches