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Victory Aquatics Lessons

Welcome to Victory Aquatics Learn to Swim and Aquatic Programs

Whether your goal is for your child/children to be safe in the water, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water, join a competitive swim team, or participate in one of our specialized programs we have the program for you.

Where to begin:  Know which program you are interested in -- You can filter the classes by selecting the program in the 'Program Filter' dropdown.   For Private Lessons contact the Lessons Administrator at [email protected] 

If you have any questions, contact the Lesson Administrator at [email protected]


Victory Aquatics Learn to Swim

Off-Season Swim Lessons are NOW Available!
Location: 3433 Parkside Dr. San Bernardino 92404

All classes are Saturdays ONLY from the times of 9am-10:30am.
(Classes levels will vary in times)

When the swimmer can accomplish the objectives of each level (1,2, or 3) they are promoted to the next level. Successful completion of Level 4 (Whales) graduates the swimmer to the Thunderbolts, our competitive swim team.

Victory Aquatics Fitness & Lap Swims

Lap swimming 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week can significantly reduce the effects of depressions, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.
Aquatic Fitness is defined as activities performed in the water that promote and enhance physical and mental fitness. ... Water lends itself to a well-balanced workout that improves all major components of physical fitness -- aerobic training, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.

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