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About USA Swimming Registrations

Sherry Mueller


All USA Swimming competitive team club swimmers are required to have the FULL USA Swimming registration ($72).  The Flex memberships ($20) are for the 'Learn to Swim' program and are not being accepted at non-beginner swim meets.  When we register swimmers for the competitive meets we get an exception report that tells us which swimmers are not eligible to compete.  The Flex registrations are on the ‘not eligible’ report.  Therefore, we upgrade the USA Registrations from Flex ($20) to Full ($72), and bill for the difference ($52). 


The USA Swimming Full Registration ($72) is mandatory for every swimmer training with a USA Swimming club  and must be supervised/coached by a USA Swimming Certified coach.  USA Swimming underwrites the insurance for the team and the swimmers, including Accident-Medical.  If a swimmer is injured while participating in a club event such as training, swim meets, fundraising, team sponsored approved events etc., 100% of the medical costs are covered. It also covers General Commercial Liability (participant liability, abuse & molestation) and excess liability.  A portion of the registration goes to fund our local LSC and the USA Swimming organization.  (We get none of it).

Competitive swim teams require swimmers meet minimum requirements before they join the team.  Our minimum requirements are like many other teams.  To become a member of the competitive team the swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards freestyle, 25 yards back, 25 yards butterfly, and 25 yards breaststroke unassisted. 

Swimmers who do not meet the minimum requirements get focused and specialized instruction in a ‘Learn to Swim’ program.  These programs are usually taught by Certified Instructors, not coaches.  Because of this, the 'Learn to Swim' program is not insured by the USA Swimming Insurance and does not require USA Swimming Registration.  We provide and pay for the insurance for this program. 

Learn to Swim programs are supported by the USA Swimming Make A Splash Foundation (which sponsors the Risk Management Insurance we pay, so the rates are lower than the general policies on the market). 

Up until a few year ago, Learn to Swim swimmers were not able to compete at swim meets because they were not registered with USA Swimming and were not insured.  Because there was so much demand for swimmers 5-8 to compete in the 25-yard beginner meets they created the USA Swimming Flex ($20) memberships.   The purpose of the Flex memberships is to give the ‘Learn to Swim’ swimmers who are not qualified for a competitive team the opportunity to compete in 2 beginner swim meets during the year.  The Flex memberships also allow swimmers to be ‘trained’ by Certified Instructors instead of coaches.

Last October, during the pandemic, when many teams were not training, SCS said it was OK to register club swimmers with the $20 flex membership.  That was a onetime relaxation of the rules and does not apply any more since teams are now back in the water.