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Are you College Bound?

Sherry Mueller

Hey swimmers.  Are you looking to swim for a college team when you graduate?  Are you interested in getting a college swimming scholarship? 

  • Did you know there are more college scholarships for swimming than there are swimmers to fill them?  Swimming scholarships go unfilled every year.
  • Did you know that swimmers have and have had the highest average GPA of any sport for years except of one about 6 years ago?  (That sport was golf.)
  • Did you know that college recruiting for swimmers begins during the junior year? 

If you are interested in being recruited for a college swim team there are multiple recruiting web sites but probably the most popular one is  Swim Cloud.  Just create a profile and keep it updated.  It's never too early to begin or to late to start.

Here’s the link. https://www.swimcloud.com/recruiting/

For the last couple of years Michael’s dad has been putting stats, accomplishments, bio-info, and videos on both Alan's and Michael’s profiles.  This is Michael’s second week as a junior in high school and already 2 colleges have reached out to him.

Multiple team mates of Michael's just started college with swimming scholarships.  One got a full ride to a Boston college.

And one last 'did you know'.  Did you know that Victory's program and outstanding coaches have already elevated the performance level of the team?  In less than a year we have developed 1 sectional, 4 senior, and 10 junior olympic level swimmers.  And we have just begun!  Wait until you see what we can accomplish this season!

Go for it and good swimming!

PS.  If you need some good videos, Andrew Rodman is an amazing video editor! And I'm sure he will give discounts to Victory swimmers.