Jackson Buyers

Hello everyone, Starting on August 3rd, all practice times will be pushed back an hour. The new schedule (titled "Month of August") is available to view by going to the "Team Information" tab, then to "Groups", and then finding your swimmer's group and viewing their schedule. We understand that some swimmers might be starting school in the month of August, and the scheduled time for "Dryland" might be a challenge. These times are under review. We will be sending out a survey in the future to figure out the best...

Jackson Buyers

Hi everyone! Our Ace Aquatics Athletes have been given the privilege to be able to train at Lakeside Elementary School. We are so happy to be able to work with such a wonderful staff and to swim in such a challenging time for so many athletes. Jackson Buyers Head Coach


Hi Everyone! On behalf of our entire staff at Ace Aquatics, we are thrilled to announce our brand new swim program here in Bakersfield. We are very excited to get the opportunity to work with each and everyone of you. Please feel free to look around and ask us any questions you may have about our program, website, registration, etc. Thanks Everyone! Jackson Buyers Head Coach