Ace Aquatics: Scholarship Program & Financial Assistance

Developing better swimmers, better teammates, and better people for their continued growth and success of our athletes, and our community. 


Purpose: This policy is intended to regulate the granting of financial assistance in the form of fee reductions for individuals and families financially unable to pay the established program fee.

Philosophy: Ace Aquatics believes that the Bakersfield youth should have the ability to participate in competitive swimming, regardless of their financial situation.


  1. Eligibility
    1. Applicant’s family must qualify for Free or Reduced-Price lunches thru the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).
    2. Applicants who qualify for Free Price lunches thru NSLP may be eligible for a reduced monthy dues rate based on group placement. 
    3. ACE will not cover the following costs associated with swim team membership:
      1. Other Swimming organizations’ fees (e.g. USA-Swimming and Southern California Swimming - financial assistance may be available directly from those organizations)
      2. Meet entry fees (optional, upon participation)
      3. Required practice equipment


  1. Verification
    1. A Letter from the appropriate school district verifying participation in the Free NSLP Lunch Program for the current or upcoming school year.


  1. Application
    1. Individuals may obtain a Financial Assistance application by emailing Head Coach Jackson Buyers at his email: [email protected]
    2. Katherine Larrea and Jackson Buyers will review Financial Assistance applications. All information provided shall otherwise be kept confidential.
    3. All applications must allow thirty days for processing. Applicants will be notified by email on their funding status.


  1. Guidelines for the Scholarship Approval Process.
    1. The Ace Aquatics coaching staff shall determine the availability of scholarship funds within the upcoming fiscal year’s budget each September.
    2. Financial Assistance Application must contain complete and true information. Incomplete or falsified information shall result in denial of requests.
    3. Applicants must meet the requirements of eligibility described in Section I, Eligibility.
    4. Financial assistance shall not be granted for meet entries, USA Swimming Memberships, or equipment purchase.
    5. All program participants granted financial assistance shall remain in good standing with program instructors and USA Swimming. Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or conduct detrimental to the program shall be grounds for removal of all financial assistance present and future. Revocation of scholarship assistance may be effective immediately, without advance notice for the above instances.
    6. All interested participants must reapply annually for the Scholarship Program.
    7. ACE reserves the right to terminate all scholarship assistance at any point during the fiscal year, due to extreme financial crisis of the team. ACE shall give 30 days’ notification to the member upon revocation of the scholarship assistance in this instance.
    8. If the maximum scholarship funds available have been disbursed and additional applications are received, a waiting list shall be established based on the date of approval of the application. Upon dismissal of a scholarship member or availability of additional funds, scholarship assistance shall be offered based on position on the waiting list.
    9. This list shall not be considered all-inclusive, and ACE reserves the right to refuse financial assistance.