Ace Aquatics: Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Our Mission

It is Ace Aquatics' mission to provide a safe environment where our athletes can develop into better swimmers, better teammates, and better people for their continued growth, and for the success of our Bakersfield community. 


Our Vision

It is Ace Aquatics' vision to provide an environment where Bakersfield athletes can receive the support they need in order thrive and accomplish their goals both in and out of the pool. A place where hard-working, dedicated athletes, can support one another in their pursuit of bettering themselves and each other. Where life-long friends are made, and where fond memories are formed. And to welcome all athletes into our Ace Aquatics family.


Our Values

Ace Aquatics swimmers have set values that we will display in all areas of our life. To accomplish our mission and our vision, for the betterment of our team and our community.

As an Ace Aquatics swimmer, I will display integrity. I will always do what is right for myself and others, because being a good swimmer, teammate, and person takes practice. I cannot only work towards this during the short amount of time I am at practice. 

As an Ace Aquatics swimmer, I will display coachability, & humility. I will always be open and willing to learn because I understand that even the fastest of swimmers and the best of humanity still require work to continue down the path of success.

As an Ace Aquatics swimmer, I will display discipline & hard work. I will always be willing to work tirelessly towards my goals because I understand that well thought out goals take no less than 100% of my effort. 

As an Ace Aquatics swimmer, I will display positivity and empathy. I will always hope for the success of my peers and be willing to help and comfort those who need it, because I understand that the success of my team and my community relies on my participation in others. 

As an Ace Aquatics swimmer, I will display leadership. I will always be capable of leading because I understand that even the best of leaders requires help and guidance.