BAC Group Structure and Expectations - Click Here for Current Practice Schedule

Jr. Orcas $85/month:

The main purpose in this group is to provide a fun introduction to the sport of swimming, and having FUN is rule #1.  In addition to learning balance and basic proper technique, the swimmers will be playing games and doing activities that are designed to increase knowledge, confidence and comfort in the water. Emphasis is placed on learning the long axis strokes of Freestyle and Backstroke, and basic stroke and turn rules of USA Swimming.  Safety and lane etiquette are practiced by teaching circle swimming and proper spacing in swimming lanes. Participating in swimming competitions is not mandatory for this group.  In order to join this introductory group a child must be able to complete 25 yards in under 1 minute. There are four 1 hour practices offered per week.  During the winter months between November and March the Jr. Age Group Development and Jr. Age Group Performance groups will be combined to form the Jr. Age Group Program.

Age Group Premier $95/month:

Practice for competition success drives all of the members in this group.  Swimmers here are now perfecting stroke, dive, and turn skills, and improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness exclusively for competition and personal time improvement.  They are swimming sets in practice that teach race pacing techniques and race strategy with relation to different event distances and strokes they will encounter in competitions.  The coach designs workouts that encourages the swimmers to think about what goals they want to set and how they will reach them.  Achieving qualifying times for high level meets becomes a new way to incorporate FUN into practices.  The ideals of teamwork, and sportsmanship begin to take on a higher priority in this and subsequent groups. Dealing with highs and lows, being humble in victory and gracious in defeat - these are character traits we like to see emerge from the athletes in this group.  Use of the pace clock increases more as does the intensity and complexity of the swimming sets.  A swimmer with poor attendance will find it hard keep up here.  Among other criteria, swimmers must be able to perform 6 x 100 freestyle on a 2:30 interval and 3 x 100 I.M. on a 2:55 interval to be a member of this group.  Participation in at least minimal swim competitions is mandatory for this group.   This group requires equipment. There are four two hour practices offered per week, and a 2 hour practice offered every Saturday.

Senior Prep $105/Month:

With a large range in abilities and skill levels, this group permits anyone with a desire to dominate their high school season to join.  The coach for this group has an eye on individual needs for improvement, while structuring workouts so that everyone is challenged.  The distances of high school swim meet races are shorter so an emphasis is placed on training the athletes in this group for anaerobic challenges found in sprints.   As with our other groups these swimmers will also be focusing on improving starts, turns, streamlines, stroke technique and fitness.  In order to get these athletes race ready for the high school season, participation in USA swimming competitions is mandatory.  This group requires equipment.  There are four 2 hour practice offered per week for this group.  

Elite Plus $125/Month :

Student Athletes in this group have made a commitment to the sport of swimming, and most intend to compete in college.  With continued hard work in this group, many earn athletic scholarships.  The training in Elite Plus is challenging.  Dryland training is a steady part of their routine used to build strength and speed.  They use medicine balls, kettle bells, jump ropes, and body weight resistance training.  These swimmer's skills have progressed to a point in which improvement relies on constant self evaluation in the water.  Throughout each season fitness levels are tested by performance in specifically designed sets.  They are challenged with race situations aimed at strengthening mental toughness.  They set goals and keep them in focus. Elite Plus members are the leaders of the team and are expected to participate in and give back to the community.  Good attendance is absolutely required and tracked.  As with all groups FUN always infused, but these swimmers now find the most fun in success and personal achievement.  Among other criteria, swimmers must be able to perform 20 x 100 freestyle on a 1:30 interval and 12 x 100 I.M. on a 1:50 interval to be a member of this group.  Participation in swimming competitions is mandatory for this group.  This group requires equipment.  There are four 2 hour and 15 minute afternoon practices, three 1 hour and 30 minute morning practices, and one two hour Saturday practice per week.