Monthly Dues

The billing period for all groups begin on the first of each month and end on the last day of each month.  Your account will be charged at the first of every month. Once registered and placed into a group, your swimmer will be charged monthly, regardless of participation in practice or meets.  TNT Swimming operates similarly to a gym membership.  Swimmers who participate at every single practice and meet will be charged the same amount as swimmers who choose not to practice or participate at swim meets. 


Late Fees

Monthly Fees are charged on the first of each month.  If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, your account will be subject to a late fee of $25.


Suspend/Reactivation for Swimmers

Families who would like to suspend their account for any reason may do so.  Please submit an email through our website specifying your intent to suspend your account (notifying a coach is not accepted).  This email must be received four (4) weeks prior to the end of the billing cycle to avoid being billed (in full) for the following month.  Any family who wishes to suspend their account and sends the email within the four week period will be required to pay the monthly dues for the following month. 

Families who would like to return to TNT must send an email through our website to reactivate their account.  There is a $75 reactivation fee for all accounts that have been inactive for over 30 days.  Families must send an email at least two (2) weeks in advance before swimmers can begin practicing.  Once the account is activated, all applicable fees will be charged on the account. 


Other Monthly Invoices

  • Once a swimmer has committed online for any trip, meet, or event; and the online commitment withdrawal/sign-up date has passed, the swimmer is financially responsible and will be billed. Specifically note: team travel meets missed for illnesses will not be credited for any reason; fees are incurred prior to the meet and cannot be refunded or reimbursed, however, the meals portion of the cost will be deducted.
  • When a swimmer is absent or unable to participate in practice for any reason, it is not possible to refund fees or reschedule.
  • Other costs that are not included in monthly dues may include, but are not limited to: monthly dry land fees, meet entry fees, additional training opportunities, social events, training trips, travel meets and apparel purchases.
  • When practice is cancelled or changed due to weather, national holiday, facility shut down, external events or TNT home meets, it is not possible to refund fees or reschedule a practice.
  • Members whose check payments are returned as insufficient will be charged a $50 return fee per violation. Credit cards that bounce more than once in 12 months are also subject to the late payment fee of $50 per violation.
  • Late or delinquent fees/payments of any kind may result in a loss of swimmer practice time or meet participation until all payments are reconciled. Team Unify will automatically charge a “late payment” fee of $25.