Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about TNT Swimming. If you have additional questions, please contact us HERE.

Q:  How do I determine which group to register for?

A:  Swimmers will be placed into a group at their “new swimmer evaluation” by one of our TNT coaches.  If you have not previously discussed group placement with a TNT swim coach, please feel free to email us at any time to inquire about group placement.  Group placement is based on an individual swimmer's experience, age, goals, commitment level, and needs. Please refer to our "Group Requirements" under the "Swim Groups" tab.


Q:  When should I register for TNT Visalia?

A:  Registration is open year-round!  However, as our team grows, we will begin limiting the number of swimmers in each group.  We encourage each family to register as soon as possible. If your group is full when you go to register, please contact us to get put on the waitlist.  


Q:  What are the dues structures?

A:  Each practice group has its own pricing due to the number of practices available each month, as well as coach availability at swim meets.  Monthly Dues are as follows

  • Presenior & Senior Group:  $105
  • Gold: $95
  • Silver 2: $85
  • Bronze 1, Bronze 2 & Silver 1: $75


Q:  What is the USA Swimming Registration fee?  What is the TNT Administration fee?

A: For all athletes registering with TNT Swimming - Visalia, there is a yearly, non-refundable, USA Swimming Registration fee of $85 per swimmer (for the 2021-2022 year. 2022-2023 swimming year is subject to change and is to be determined by USA Swimming).  The yearly registration period is September 1st through August 31st each year, and allows your swimmer to practice and compete with our team, under the governance of USA Swimming. 

The TNT Administration fee is $45 per family, non-refundable and is paid at the time of registration.  Families already on the team will be charged at the beginning of each calendar year.  This fee helps supplement the maintenance and upkeep of our website for swimmer registration and accounts.


Q:  Are there discounts for families with multiple athletes?

A:  Yes.  Families with multiple active athletes in the Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Silver 1 and Silver 2 groups will receive a discount.  First swimmer pays full price (determined by the highest group).  All other siblings pay $45/month each (regardless of group).  For example, three swimmers in a family…  one swimmer is in Silver 2 Group, the other two siblings are in Silver 1.  The swimmer in Silver 2 Group will pay full price ($75), while the two siblings in Silver 1 will pay $45 each. 

Families with swimmers exclusively in the Gold, Presenior & Senior Groups are not eligible for a discount due to the level of training and competition throughout the swimming year.