TNT Swimming Visalia - Swim Meet FAQ's


The following is a list of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about swim meets. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact your coach and they will gladly answer any questions. If you have suggestions that you would like to add to this, please email Coach Jason ([email protected])

What does my child need to wear to swim meets?

We are very proud to represent TNT Swimming here in Visalia, so we require all our swimmers to ALWAYS wear TNT attire to ALL SWIM MEETS.  If you do not have any TNT attire, please visit our online store:  TNT Swimming Online Store. 

Additionally, we encourage our swimmers to wear our team suit.  Our team suit is navy blue with a green TNT logo on the back hip and is available for purchase at Swim Suits West in Fresno. All TNT swimmers must use a TNT cap during competition. New swimmers to the team may use any suit and cap during their first months with the team, although we prefer the suit & cap is not affiliated with another team! (Hanford High School, Tulare Sharks, Visalia Bucs… etc). Silicone TNT caps are available for purchase at Swim Suits West, but can also be found at the vendors at most of our local swim meets. New families should see Coach Jason for TNT latex caps.

Swim Suits West Website:

Phone: 559-435-4898

Email: [email protected]

Arriving at the pool

When should we arrive at the pool?

Coaches will always want you to arrive at the pool 15-20 minutes before your groups assigned warm up time, which you can find on the meet event page on our website or on the weekly notes email. Arriving early gives you and your swimmer enough time to find their coach and for your swimmer to “check-in” to the meet.

What is Check-In?

The meet host will have a “Check-in” table set up at the meet. When you arrive, your swimmer will go to the table and “check-in” to the meet. This allows the meet host to know your swimmer will be racing that day. Most meets give each swimmer up to 1 hour before their first scheduled event to check-in. If you do not check in, your swimmer will not be entered in their races.

Is there a team area?

Families are given a lot of freedom to set up anywhere they would like. We typically do not have a “team area” although many families do sit together in a group. Others like to find areas that aren’t quite so crowded so they can spread out a bit. Find what works best for you and your swimmer!

What do I do as a parent?

Parents need to support their swimmers. We encourage parents to have their swimmers sit close to their friends/teammates at the meet. You can also help your swimmer by reminding them that they MUST talk to their coach before & after each of their events. We will always need volunteer timers at each meet so be prepared to time if a team representative approaches you!

What is a heat sheet?

Heat sheets will be posted before the start of each event (typically 15 mins before the start of the event). The heat sheet shows your swimmer’s heat and lane assignment. Once your swimmer knows their heat and lane assignment, please send them to their coach so they know when and where to watch your swimmer’s event. Please find your coach if you cannot locate where the heat sheets are posted.

What does my swimmer need to do once they are finished with their events each day?

All swimmers need to swim a long warm down after their last event each day. We realize many families are anxious to leave the meet. However, swimmers are required to warm down after their last event. These distances will vary by age group, and will be prescribed to your swimmer by their coach. Swimmers must check with their coaches before leaving the meet. There may be important information that the coaches need to share with your swimmer before they leave.