TNT SWIMMING VISALIA – Volunteer & Donation Policy

For us to effectively balance competitive pricing and keep costs at a minimum for TNT Visalia families, we regularly host home swim meets.  As a result, we need sufficient coverage at swim meets and team events by our member families, along with a donation for our snack bar (concession stand).  TNT Visalia has implemented the following Volunteer Policy. 

On a yearly basis, our Board of Directors will review the expectations of the Volunteer Policy to determine if any changes are required to meet future team needs and growth.  Any changes will be communicated prior to registration each year.

The following summarizes the TNT Swimming Visalia Volunteer Policy and Procedures:

  1. Volunteer Expectations – Families with swimmers in Silver 2, Gold, Presenior & Senior Groups (based on account; not the number of athletes in a family) is expected to volunteer at every TNT Visalia hosted meet.  In the event a family has multiple swimmers in different groups, the Volunteer obligation is based on the highest-level swimmer in a family.
    1. How to fulfill Volunteer Expectations - Families earn volunteer hours by working at TNT Visalia hosted swim meets and other sponsored events requiring assistance.
    2. Roles eligible for earning Volunteer Hours – We host two meets per year (September/October & February).  A sign-up sheet for various roles will be distributed at the Parent Meeting prior to a home meet.  If you are unable to sign up for a position at the meeting, it is the responsibility of each family to contact a member of the Board of Directors to sign up. 
    3. Distribution of Volunteer Hours – Volunteer Hours at TNT Visalia hosted home meets depend on the size and duration of the meet.  One-day meets = 4 hours.  Two-day meets = 8 hours.  Families are obligated to volunteer at every home meet for the entire duration of their assigned role. 
    4. Failure to Volunteer – If you are unable to volunteer at any home meet, a $100 fee will be charged to your account for every day you fail to volunteer. 
  2. Tracking of Volunteer Hours will be handled by the Board Member in charge of organizing the home meet.
    1. In order to fulfill Volunteer Expectations, the person signing up must check-in at the appropriate time and work the entire duration of the job.  If you leave your job early without providing adequate coverage, no Volunteer Hours will be given.
    2. If an individual signed up does not check in by the appropriate time, their role will be re-assigned and credit will be given to the family who fills the role.
    3. Volunteer Hours can be earned by parents, guardians and siblings of TNT swimmers.  Families who use their TNT Swimmers as volunteers are not eligible to earn Volunteer Time for their family.  In some cases, we will accept a family friend to step in and volunteer for the family.
  3. Snack Bar Donation
    1. All families who are members of TNT Swimming Visalia are to make a donation to our snack bar at all TNT Visalia hosted swim meets. 
    2. Donations include any food and/or drink item that is listed by the parent in charge of the snack bar.  This list will be made available at the Parent Meeting prior to each home meet.  If you are unable to attend the Parent Meeting, it is the responsibility of the family to contact the parent-leader in charge of the snack bar.
    3. If you are unable to make a donation, a $25 fee will be charged to your account.
  4. Questions/Comments
    1. Program information will be posted on the website to assist families in their understanding of the expectations of the Volunteering program.
    2. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to best provide support for TNT Swimming Visalia in the future.  If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this program, please contact us at our website:  TNT Visalia – Contact Us