About Yosemite Marlins Swim Club

The Yosemite Marlins Swim Club is a USA Swimming sanctioned year-around swim team established in December of 2013. The swim club's objectives will be to promote and develop competitive swimming and water polo in Yosemite Union School District, to foster interest in aquatics as lifetime sports, and to expand educational opportunities for YUSD students and the surrounding mountain communities. Yosemite Marlins Swim team will operate under polices and regulations of YUSD. It will also adhere to USA Swimming and US Water Polo rules.


Vision Statement

The Yosemite Marlins Swim Club will play a key role in helping each of its members reach their full potential as aquatic athletes and to foster the development of personal qualities that will help them be successful throughout their lives.


Mission Statement

Training and experiences of Yosemite Marlins Swim Club members will be aimed at helping children learn the values of hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility concurrently as they develop their maximum potential with aquatic skills and techniques.