CZ Athlete Workshop

  • Dates: June 24th-26th
  • Location: Libertyville, IL (Suburb of Chicago)
  • Practice Location: Libertyville High School (LCM)
  • Registration Opens: May 1st
  • Registration Closes: June 1st
  • Adult Chaperones: Each LSC may send 1
  • Athlete Leadership: Annie Kramer and Zach Toothman
  • Non Athlete Leadership: Ellery Parish, Jay Chambers, and Pam Lowenthal

Our Expectations and Goals

Mission: To empower well-rounded athletes who aspire to gain knowledge and further leadership skills for the betterment and well-being of an inclusive athlete body. 

We would like to see 4 Athlete Reps per LSC at max or at minimum the Junior and Senior Rep from each LSC at minimum. 

Quick Facts

1. Registration form is due June 1st at 11:59pm CT. The athletes attending should each individually fill out this form.

2. Athletes will fill out the registration form sent to the General Chairs.

3. Workshop will be held June 24th-26th. 

4. Athletes will arrive June 24th at the hotel at 3pm CT to check in. Athletes will depart at 12:30pm on June 26th. 

5. Athletes will fly into either of Chicago Airport's and will be responsible for transportation to the hotel. If the athletes live within driving distance that is an option as well. We recommend that the chaperone's travel with their athletes from the airport to the hotel; please plan flights accordingly. 

6. Recommended forms of transportation from the airport to the hotel are taxi services, Uber, and Lyft. 


1. Each LSC may send ONE chaperone

2. The chaperone's will have a specific non athlete education track during the event.

3. The LSC's chaperone must be a current non athlete member of USA Swimming in good standing.

4. The LSC will be responsible for covering the transportation and lodging of the chaperone. 



Sunday June 26th Inter LSC Relations Meeting w/ General Chairs

One of the curriculum topics we have planned is for a working session for athlete reps and their General Chairs. We ask that you please keep the morning of Sunday June 26th free so you can zoom in with your athlete reps and participate with them to make this an effective and beneficial session.


Financials and Expenses

  • Each LSC would be required to cover the following:​​
  • Transportation to the Event
  • Lodging Expenses


  • The Central Zone will cover everything else (food, materials, swag, etc.)
  • Contact us privately if your LSC has financial restraints we can assist with

Questions?  Contact Annie or Zach at [email protected] or [email protected]