Documents for Convention Meetings of the Central Zone
USAS -2019

2019 Meeting Agenda
2019 Meeting Minutes - Draft

Minutes - 2018
2019 CZ Financial Report - 09/10/19
2019 CZ Secretary Treasurer Report

Legislation Proposals:
14 & Under Bylaws Legislation - re CZ meetings
2019 Dues Proposal
    2019-2020 Proposed Budget
14 & Under Meet Proposals

14 & U West Fargo
    Meet Director Report
    Referee Report
    Coordinator Report and Survey
14 & U Pleasant Prairie
Coordinator Report
    Referee Report
    Meet Director Report
    Survey Summary
Multi-Cultural Meet Report
Open Water Meet Report
     Referee Report
Disability Report
    Disability Inclusion - Zone Meet Info
    Disability Inclusion - MultiCultural Meet Info
Officials Report
Athlete Report
Board of Review Report

Zone Historical Data
Attendance Report
Additional Historical Data

14 & U Meet Bids
CZ Bid 2020 MN Foxjets
    CZ Bid 2020 MN Foxjets Addendum
CZ Bid 2020 OK Jenks
CZ Bid 2021 - 14 & U
CZ Open Water Bid 2021 Pleasant Prairie WI

Link to Form for Bidders

Diversity and Inclusion Information:
Bid Information for Diversity Camps (CZ 2020)
Job Description - Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp Director
Job Description - Zone Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Job Description - LSC Diversity and Inclusion Chair