Documents for Convention Meeting of the Central Zone
USAS -2020

2020 Meeting Agenda Revised
2020 Meeting Minutes - Draft
2020 Athlete Meeting Minutes

Minutes - 2019
2019 CZ Financial Report - Final
2020 CZ Financial Report - 09/16/2020
2020 CZ Secretary Treasurer Report

Athlete Meeting:
Flyer for 6:00 p.m. Athlete meeting

Legislation Proposals:

Officials Report
Athlete Report
Disability Report
    Disability Entry Procedures

Region VIII Report
Section 3 Sectional Information
Section 1 Report

14 & U Meet Bids
CZ 2021 - Hosts Elkhart and Westmont
     Westmont IL - AR, IL, MN, MV, MW, ND, OK, SD
     Elkhart, IN - IA, IN, LE, MI, OH, OZ, WI
CZ  2022 - 14 & U - 2020 Hosts - Jenks and Minneapolis
No bids will be entertained at the 2020 CZ Meeting

CZ Open Water 2021 Pleasant Prairie WI
CZ Open Water 2022 Pleasant Prairie WI anticipates bid

Link to Form for Bidders

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Information:

DEI Legislation Proposal and Support

Bid Information for Diversity Camps (CZ 2022)
Job Description - Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp Director
Job Description - Zone Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Job Description - LSC Diversity and Inclusion Chair