History of the Central Zone

The four-Zone concept was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1978, at the last Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) convention of which swimming was a part. At this convention, United States Swimming, Inc. got its start. The first Central Zone Championship meet was held in August, 1980, at Lincoln, Nebraska. The original “Central Zone Manual” with “Championship Meet Policies and Procedures Manual” was completed in 1985. The Policies and Procedures must be updated each year following the annual meeting.

The following individuals have served as Zone Directors for the Central Zone Committee of United States Swimming (as of 1998, USA Swimming):


1978    Dan Ventres, Minnesota                           Dick Hammer, Midwestern

1979    Dick Hammer, Midwestern                       John Bogert, Missouri Valley

1980    Guy Barnicoat, Michigan                          Jordan Harwood, Wisconsin

1981    Guy Barnicoat, Michigan                          Audrey Birklid, Minnesota

1982    Audrey Birklid, Minnesota                        Peter Malone, Missouri Valley

1983    Peter Malone, Missouri Valley                 Audrey Birklid, Minnesota

1984    Audrey Birklid, Minnesota                        Peter Malone, Missouri Valley

1985    Peter Malone, Missouri Valley                 William Maxson, Ozark

1986    George Schluter, Missouri Valley             Penny Taylor, Ozark

1987    George Schluter, Missouri Valley             Penny Taylor, Ozark

1988    Penny Taylor, Ozark                                  George Schluter, Missouri Valley

1989    George Schluter, Missouri Valley             Penny Taylor, Ozark

1990    Penny Taylor, Ozark                                  Dale Neuburger, Indiana

1991    Dale Neuburger, Indiana                           Peter Malone, Missouri Valley

1992    Peter Malone, Missouri Valley                 Dale Neuberger, Indiana

1993    Dale Neuburger, Indiana                           Peter Malone, Missouri Valley

1994    Peter Malone, Missouri Valley                 Audrey Birklid, Minnesota

1995    Audrey Birklid, Minnesota                        Mick Nelson, Indiana

1996    Mick Nelson, Indiana                                Audrey Birklid, Minnesota

1997    Audrey Birklid, Minnesota                        Mick Nelson, Indiana

1998    Mick Nelson, Indiana                                Bob Staab, Oklahoma

1999    Bob Staab, Oklahoma                               Michael Lawrence, Illinois

2000    Michael Lawrence, Illinois                        Julie Bare, Lake Erie

2001    Julie Bare, Lake Erie                                  Michael Lawrence, Illinois

2002    Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley                     Julie Bare, Lake Erie

2003    Julie Bare, Lake Erie                                  Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley

2004    Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley                     Arlene McDonald, Indiana

2005    Arlene McDonald, Indiana                        Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley

2006    Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley                     Arlene McDonald, Indiana

2007    Arlene McDonald, Indiana                        Eric Nelson, Missouri Valley

2008    Arlene McDonald, Indiana                        William Schalz, Illinois

2009    William Schalz, Illinois                              Paul Thompson, Oklahoma

2010    William Schalz, Illinois                              Paul Thompson, Oklahoma

2011    Paul Thompson, Oklahoma                      William Schalz, Illinois

2012    Paul Thompson, Oklahoma                      David Anderson, Wisconsin

2013    David Anderson, Wisconsin                      Stephen Potter, Michigan

2014    Stephen Potter, Michigan                        David Anderson, Wisconsin

2015    David Anderson, Wisconsin                      Amy Hoppenrath, Missouri Valley

2016    Amy Hoppenrath, Missouri Valley           John Bradley, Minnesota

2017    John Bradley, Minnesota                          Amy Hoppenrath, Missouri Valley

2018    Amy Hoppenrath, Missouri Valley           John Bradley, Minnesota

2019    John Bradley, Minnesota                          Pam Lowenthal, Illinois

2020    Pam Lowenthal, Illinois                             Michael White, Wisconsin

2021    Pam Lowenthal, Illinois                             Michael White, Wisconsin


Appendix B1: All-Central Zone Team

(Inaugural Team – 2008)


The Central Zone of USA Swimming recognizes the following athletes from its LSCs as members of the All-Central Zone Team. The Inaugural Team was established in 2008. Athletes are added as they are nominated by their LSC. To be eligible for this honor, an athlete must be nominated by the LSC which is generally considered the athlete’s “home” LSC and meet one of the following criteria:

·         Have set two or more individual Central Zone records in any age group

·         Have swum a Central Zone Championship time that was ranked #1 nationally for that season

·         Have been a Central Zone Championship meet participant who went on to qualify for one or more of these USA Swimming teams:  Junior National Team, Senior National Team, or U.S. Olympic Team.

LSCs that have no qualifiers based on the above criteria, the LSC may nominate one male and one female athlete to represent the LSC on the All-Central Zone Team.








Brittany Massengale

Zone Records in the 400 freestyle and 800 freestyle

Troy Esentan 

Finished 1st in the 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, and 2nd in the 200 butterfly at the 2007 Zone Meet











Lisa Coole

90-91 National Junior Team

Anne Kampfe

90-91 National Junior Team; 92-93 National B Team;

94-95 National B Team

Chris Graber

90-91 National Junior Team

Anthony Attiah

91-92 National Junior Team

Kristine Nyweid

92-93 National Junior Team

Tucker Shade

93-94 National Junior Team

Lindsey Farella

94-95 National B Team

Kristine MacGregor

94-95 National Junior Team

Christine Keller

95-96 National Junior Team

Amy Migawa

95-96 National Junior Team

Mary Descenza

98-99 National Junior Team

Dan Trupin

99-00 National Junior Team

Matt Grevers

02-03 National Junior Team; 2008 Olympic Team

Melissa Marik

03-04 National Junior Team

Ashley Wanland

04-05 National Junior Team

Tyler McGill

Zone Records in the 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 400 freestyle, 100 butterfly and 200 butterfly

Michael Alexandrov

Zone Records in the 200 freestyle,

100 breaststroke, and 400 IM

Colleen McReynolds

Zone Records in open water, 400 freestyle, 800 freestyle

Ross Moore

Zone Records in the 200 butterfly and 200 IM

Elena Ramierez

Zone Records in 100 butterfly and 200 butterfly





Steve Bigelow

1988 Olympian

Lindsay Benko

2000 & 2004 Olympian

Patrick Calhoun

2000 Olympian

Bryce Hunt

2004 Olympian

Michelle McKeehan

2007 & 2008 National Team Member

Jenny Connolly

2008 National Team Member

Ben Hesen

2008 National Team Member








Susan Gottlieb

1992 National B Team

Allison Bock

1993 National B Team

Jason Lancaster

1993 National Junior Team

Rob Rausch

1993 National Junior Team

Emily Ayres

1994 National Junior Team

Michaela Kwasny

1997 National Junior Team

Jason Mallory

1997 National Junior Team

Bart Wickard

1997 National Junior Team

Lacey Boutwell

1999 National Junior Team

Susan Hentschel

2001 National Junior Team

Matt McDonald

2001 National Junior Team

Ryan Wochomurka

2001 National Junior Team

Kyle Whitaker

2008 National Junior Team

Steve Ware

Zone Records in 100 butterfly (11-12 & 13-14)

Erin Racht

Zone Records in 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly

A.J. Miller

Zone Records in 200 backstroke and 200 breaststroke

Christy Grcevich

Zone Records in 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle

Ted Brown

Zone Records in 200 freestyle and 400 IM



Craig Oppel

1988 Olympian and Zone Record Holder

Ann Walker

1988 National Team



Diana Munz

2000 and 2004 Olympian

Mark Gangloff

2008 Olympian





Courtney Bartholomew

2011 National Junior Team

Emily Bos

2009, 2010 National Junior Team

Chris DeJong

Zone Records 400 free, 100 back, 200 back, 2000 National Junior Team, 2001 National Senior Team

Taylor Garcia

Zone Records 50 back, 100 back, 50 fly, 2012 National Junior Team

Scott Weir

Zone Records 200 back, 200 IM

Clay Youngquist

Zone Record 400 Free, National Junior Team 2010, 2011





Scott Usher

2004 Olympian

Shandra Johnson

National Junior Team

Chris Scheuber

Zone Records in 50 freestyle and 200 medley relay

Dan Berve

Zone Records in 100 butterfly and 200 medley relay

Adam Mania

Zone Records in 100 backstroke and 100 freestyle

Karen Criss

Zone Records in 100 backstroke and 200 IM

Olivia Calegan

Zone Record 50 breaststroke; #1 National ranking 2013



Trip Zedlitz

1992 National B Team

David Plummer

2002 National Junior Team

Samantha Woodward

2006 National Junior Team



Tom Jager

1992 Olympian

Lauren Lubus

1999 National Junior Team





Paul Gordon

2007 National Junior Team

Katie Budahl

Zone Records in the 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke

Kylie Martin

Zone Records in the 50 breaststroke; #1 National ranking in the 50 breaststroke and 100 freestyle

Tevin Waddell

Zone Records in 100 and 200 backstroke and 100 butterfly



Neil Walker

2000 and 2004 Olympian

Wes Laugerhausen

2003 National Junior Team

Kyle Bubolz

2004 National Junior Team