Training Locations:  Western Springs/Downers Grove/Hinsdale/Westmont/Oak Brook/and Random Forest Preserves

Track Season Registration Closes May 25th.

Welcome to the Chicago Flyers Track Club!

A fine history of developing a passion for running in youth through excellent training, fun and team values.

XC 2020 - and they said it couldn't be done!

Michelle Gagnard

The Flyers made it to the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championship in Bourbon County, KY!  Sixty-four athletes  trained and competed  this fall to make the 2020 season the most successful for the Flyers.  Coaches, volunteers and parents contributed to the overall success, allowing kids to experience a somewhat normal season!

The Flyers hosted two meets, the AAU Fall Series at KLM, Hinsdale and partnered with Lakeside Rabbits @ St. James Farm.

In the absence of other sports, kids discovered that running could be fun.

It was said that it couldn't be done and yet we made it!  Thank you to all who made it possible!  Congratulations Flyers!