Training Locations:  Western Springs/Downers Grove/Hinsdale/Westmont/Orland Park/and Random Forest Preserves

Winter program registration opens November 17th.

Welcome to the Chicago Flyers Track Club!

A fine history of developing a passion for running in youth through excellent training, fun and team values.

A lot of historical data  is below. If not sleeping well, please read before bedtime.
Often parents wonder why our fees are as they are for just running.  Based on data for typical programs for 11-12 year olds in the western suburbs, here are a few thoughts.
Track/XC involve fees for coaches, facilities, training, ongoing education, 4 different association fees, first aid/CPR training, advertising, social media, manuals, uniforms, t-shirts, tent, printing, mistakes, transportation, games, prizes, equipment, pens, treats, a ton of administrative time, legal costs.


When comparing costs of a typical program for an 11-12 year old, track is really economical. Without adding in meets and extra events, your child’s training averages $7-10 per hour.  If meets and special events were added in, average cost is $3-$4.50 per hour.

Program fees in the area for 11-12 year old programs:

  • Summer weekly soccer club camps in Oak Brook, 15 hours averages $13+ per hour or $200-225 for each week.
  • A big local  running program  for 400 kids average hourly rate comes to $11-13 per hour and no meets!
  • Local swim club’s summer program-$1295= commitment fee, summer training,  $150 for missed volunteer sessions.  team gear  association memberships.
  • Youth travel soccer-the price of a small car or a jet-ski or a week at Canyon Ranch
  • 4 day generalized afterschool program, $140 weekly
  • Music lessons-$36 for 30 minutes, $72 for 60 minutes plus a $30 registration fee
  • Climbing Walls-$15-22 per hour/day  (ok, that seems kind of reasonable.)
  • Tennis-One two hour camp $44-55 or $6 court fee junior standby rate, no instructor.
  • Babysitter-See our rates!


Why our rates are higher than other “running” programs -

1.         We play by the rules and are contractually engaged with every facility and abide by all insurance requirements to ensure that we are running a safe program. 

2.         The leaders of the Flyers are well-trained professionals, constantly learning, evaluating and reassessing with the well-respected scientists and coaches in youth fitness, track and cross-country.  We do not rely on outdated trends nor train your child to be slow.

3.         Since 2015, we haven’t hosted a track meet to help offset our costs and rarely, are meets profitable. Donations ($$ etc., are always required to make them work and a huge effort of volunteer coordination.  Our parents have preferred to just pay up front.

4.         Prior to 2016, we did have a fundraising requirement.  If parents chose to not participate, they would just pay the “penalty” up front.  Same with volunteer hours, payment if not fulfilled.  We are exploring this option for the future.

5.         Other clubs have significant donations from alumni and parents.  With 14 years behind us, we are  now in the process of organizing an event in early June with the alums and past and current parents.

6.         Coaches of other teams are often teachers and supporting their own school and athletes. They get to work around the rules/costs for using the track and are paid a salary and stipend.

A few comments from former and current parents when discussing the fees:

  • The saying "you get what you pay for" is exactly what the kids get with the Chicago Flyers.
  • The coaches you hire are all experienced current or former runners/athletes who have excelled and/or continue to excel in their craft (I don't think any of the other programs have that level of knowledge as coaches), and many are Chicago Flyers alumni who are able to connect with the kids.  Most other programs have parents that volunteer as coaches (who have not necessarily kept up with the most current teaching methods).
  • The inflation rate is rising rapidly, which means the cost of everything in our country is rising.  (annual inflation rate accelerated to 7.9% in Feb of 2022 alone, the highest since January of 1982)


Having said that, cost should never prevent a child from becoming a Chicago Flyer. We have a few generous donors who want to make sure that the program is affordable for everyone.  Please email me if you wish to learn more.

IF you are intested in having your child participate in the South Summer Track Season (Orland Park area), please email me ASAP.  If there are 20 athletes registered, we will open that location.   [email protected]
2021 Options!  These are not for 2022. Please check registration details and 2022 calendar.
Winter Running Club-12/20 - 2/28/21 9-14 year olds, running though a pandemic, hill repeats with sleds in the snow, and other crazy activities resulting in average distances at practice of 3.25 for beginners to 5.9 for the advanced runners.  Practices are held in snow storms and as low as 9 degrees.  No goals just running with new friends and persevering.  Western Springs and Forest Preserves.
Spring Track Clinic-Oak Brook.  March 7, 14, 21   2-4 PM. 9-14 year olds.  Sprints to Distance.  Beginner to Advanced. Introduction to Flyers training methods and event groups for track season.  $100.
Spring Track Clinic-Orland Park.  April 13-27th.  Tuesday/THursday 5:30-7 PM.  Register through the Orland Park Soccer Club.
Summer Track Season.
La Grange to Downers Grove area:
Full Season-April to July 17.  Meets are extra.  Practices 2-4 x week.  AAU membership included.
Short Season - May to July 17th.  Meets are extra.  Practices 3-4 x week.  AAU membership included.
Orland Park area:
Short Season - May to July 17th.  Meets are extra.  Practices 3-4 x week.  AAU membership included.
Cross Country
Clinics in August
Season September to November.

Meets from 9/19 to 11/14 are updated with start time of the MEET. Based on entries (due to Covid), our athletes actual event time will vary during the stated meet duration. 

Example- Although 9/26 meet starts at 9 AM, we may be in the second competition window with arrival at 10:30

Possible timeline:

  • 10:30 arrival time. Parents remain with car and kids go to team bullpen.
  • 10:45-11:15 Warm-up/Course walk
  • 11:40-12:10 Race
  • 12:30 Vacate park.


  • Once the kids have gone to their starting areas, lined up to race, and masks removed, then parents can come out to race course.
  • Meet awards will be tallied at the end of the day and coach will be notified. 
  • The first meet fee will provide a chip that the athlete must keep for the duration of the season. This chip can not be shared with other athletes.
  • The first meet fee is covered by the Chicago Flyers.  Additional meets will cost $10 each.
  • If you lose your chip, you must let Michelle know prior to the meet as the race director is not able to quickly respond on race day.  A replacement fee of $5 will be charged to your account.
  • All athletes must arrive to the race with water, wearing  a mask, team shirt and black shorts or tights.  Shorts should not be basketball shorts!  ALSO, they must be wearing a warm upper layer if the temperature is lower than 75 degrees at the beginning of the race.  If the temperature is lower than 65 at arrival, they also need to wear long sweats over their shorts.  NO EXCEPTIONS. We will send them back to the car to get their layers.  Races can be delayed, weather can change, plus it is foolish to lose energy prior to a race keeping the body warm.  This guideline is the parents responsibility to enforce.
Information for the "Unique" 2020 XC Season.

XC Options.

1.  XC Camp

  • XC Camp, August 3-7, 5-6:45 PM,   Bemis Woods, Grove 7, 1100 Ogden Ave, Western  Springs, IL 60558  $120 per athlete.

2.  Full XC Season-Two locations

  • XC Training, Two weekdays, 4-6 PM and Sunday, 4-6 PM 
    • Full Season-September 13-Thanksgiving, TU/TH/SU,Spring Rock Park, Western Springs $475 (includes AAU membership). Short Season Option $375-for athlete training with travel soccer or school XC team.
    • Full Season-September 13-Thanksgiving, M/W/SU, Orland Park area. $475 (includes AAU membership)
    • A 3rd weekday practice will possibly be added based on demand for our advanced runners.

3.  XC Camp and Season  $595  Options #1 and #2 above.

ALL group training includes RUNNING EFFICIENTLY, SPEED, and ATHLETICISM in addition to specific event training.  For XC season, it is important that your athlete attend all 3 practices and do their one day of home running to keep up with the training group.   All options are for kids 9-14 years of age. Older is a possibility but younger, not this season. 

State and National meets are optional.

Full refunds will be provided if sessions are not full.  A partial refund will be granted to meet a new COVID restriction for group size and activity.


  • XC Camp-Keep shoes tied, and excited to be at camp and safe.
  • XC Season-Keep shoes tied.  First day of practice-be able to run 5 minutes without stopping.  Desire to improve
Information for the "Unique" 2020 Summer Season. 

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has irrevocably changed the way we live and work. We have adjusted to a new normal by proactively social distancing and practicing good sanitizing habits to help curb the spread of the virus.  Now we must design a youth engagement that considers this new way.  Below are many of the caveats and policies for the 2020 Summer Training season and an explanation of sessions. Before you register, make sure that you understand the flexibility required to join for this summer. 

How to select the correct training session for my child.

ALL group training includes RUNNING EFFICIENTLY, SPEED, and ATHLETICISM in addition to specific event training.  The selection of your child's training group should be based on their commitment to the program, emotional maturity and current ability.  If there is a group that would be a better fit for your athlete, we will do our best to move them during the season.  All options are for kids 9-15 years of age.  No Little Flyers this summer.


1.  Decide which event group your child desires.

  • MD= Mid Distance (800) -Distance (3k)  Practices at Bemis Woods, Grove 7.  Off of Ogden, drive past Go Ape.
  • SP=Sprint, Speed and athleticism for multi-sport athletes and sprinters.  Location in Westmont area.

2.  Determine based on definitions below, the session that works best for your child's commitment, ability and event group.

  1. Full Season/MD. June 1-July 30, 5-6:30 PM  M/T/W/TH Advanced
  2. July Session/MD.  July 6-30, 5:00-6:30 PM  M/T/W/TH Advanced
  3. June Session/MD.  June 1-26, 9:45-11:15 AM M/T/TH/F
  4. July Session/MD. July 6-31, 9:45-11:15 AM M/T/TH/F
  5. June Session/SP.  June 1-26,5:00-6:30 PM  M/T/W/TH 
  6. July Session/SP.  July 6-30, 5:00-6:30 PM  M/T/W/TH


3.  These are the definitions below.

  • Full Season- Mid Distance (800) -Distance (3k)  8 weeks, June-July.  Child is committed to attending the majority of the sessions, interested in improving their speed and distance.  Can easily run 60 seconds or is already running distance.  This group will progress so attendance is important.
  • Full Season- Speed/Sprints/Athleticism  8 weeks, June-July.  Child is committed to attending the majority of the sessions, interested in improving their speed.    This group will progress so attendance and interest is important.
  • June or July Session. Mid Distance (800) -Distance (3k) If your athlete is curious about running but doesn't have a lot of athletic training or if they would like to run cross country in the fall but not necessarily inspired by running.
  • June or July Session, Sprint (100-800)  Your child participates in other sports and desires to become quick, agile and athletic or is interested in track but only interested in fast, very short distances. 
  • July Session-Mid Distance (800)-Distance (3k)   Child participated in the June 9:45-11:15 session and has trained for one month with the Flyers.


New policies to consider before registering.

At the beginning of each practice, a coach will use a  non-contact thermometer to record each participant's temperature.  Athlete will then move to assigned training area and remain safely within a minimum of 6 feet of other's for the duration of practice.  All efforts will be made for athletes to avoid contacting shared equipment. Contradictory behavior will result in athlete's probable suspension for the season.  Contact is not allowed between athletes from the same household.

If at any time during our training session, the State of IL returns to Phase 2, consideration will be given for a prorated refund or credit for season fee.

Despite info on our website, there will not be any competitions or special events.  We will offer 1-2 Sunday Forest Preserve Runs, tbd, of course, later.

We do not prorate or offer refunds due to practice cancellations due to inclement weather or for personal non-attendance or suspension from the team for non-compliance to safety measures and team guidelines. 

We reserve the right to not provide refunds due to a change of practice locations. With isolation policies in flux by township, county and districts, we may be required to move practices within 10 miles of Westmont High School Track. Practices will begin at Bemis Woods, Westchester but may move to Ty Warner Park or Waterfall Glen.

Because of limitations on group size, it is imperative that you drop-off and pick-up your athlete on-time.  Police and Forest Preserve officials will ban groups that exceed guidelines and therefore, your athlete must not be present during another practice time. 

Most likely there may not be restrooms available, thus the reduction of training time from 120 minutes to 90 minutes.  Please ensure that your child is prepared to go without facilities for the duration of practice.

For our Spring Clinic participants, upon registration, you will be asked if you participated.  If you select YES, you will receive a $30 credit.  If you had a second athlete registered for Spring Clinic, following registration, a second refund will be issued manually.

Believe it or not, the coaches and I can't wait to work with your kids, pass along our passion for the Flyers and get to know them!! We look forward to demonstrating how through we will thrive this summer and have fun.  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]  Thank you for your patience.


The following is information for a "normal" season. Use for future reference.
Spring Track Clinic:  March 15/22, 2:30-4:30, Oak Brook Park District.  $60
Summer Track Season: All levels of runners are welcome and will succeed. Sprint, Mid and Distance Training. A positive attitude after the first few days is required!
  • Options-Long  Season ($495)-May 26-July 16, 4-5 days per week, 9-15 years.  One Day Only ($220) (For dual athletes)-Meets and 1 day a week. Little Flyers ($310), 5-8 years, 3 x week plus meets.  
  • Requirements- Desire to be on the team  · Shoes remain tied · Parent/athlete responsible for on-time, layers, water, running shoes, · 60 minute attention span · Respectful
  • Focus: · Running Mechanics/Drills · Event training · Core/Coordination/Balance/Agility · Dynamic Warm-ups · Teamwork · Team Values · Attitude · Multiple Training Groups-Events/Level/Gender/Age 
  • Price includes T-shirt, AAU membership and meet fees.  Additional fee for Nationals and uniforms.
  • Events: See Calendar and Events Page.AAU/USATF sanctioned track meets, fun track meets, community runs and Forest Preserve Family Fun run.
Cross Country Camp: · August- 1 Week Cross Country Camp for 9-15 year olds preparing for school season or interested in XC. $110.
Cross Country Season 
  • Options-Long  Season-September 1 - November 21. Short Season-October 10th-November 21st + all Sunday Runs.  Competition Only-Meets and Sunday Runs.  Competition event distances range from  1.5-3.1 miles · Age: 9-14 with minimum distance requirements.
  • Requirements- Desire to be on the team · Minimum 2-3 practices per week · Shoes remain tied · Parent/athlete responsible for on-time, layers, water, running shoes, · 60 minute attention span · Respectful FOCUS: · Running Mechanics/Drills · Event training · Core/Coordination/Balance/Agility · Dynamic Warm-ups · Teamwork · Team Values · Attitude · Multiple Training Groups-Events/Level/Gender/Age 
  • Events: See Calendar and Events Page.
FAMILY COMMITMENT: · Volunteer Hours (possibly) and Participation! - Ensuring that child is delivered to practice 5 minutes early!
WHY PAY FOR A TEAM WHEN I COULD JUST RUN WITH MY KID? We usually employ 4-20 coaches per season to ensure that your child has the best coaching available. This is our profession. We have overhead, insurance, facilities, supplies, this website. Our practices are different everyday, meeting the needs of children on different levels, requiring constant education. This is cheaper than a babysitter and much cheaper than league football, soccer, lacrosse, swim team or detention. Plus high school coaches like to come to our practices and meet the kids!
My child's future high school coach has asked my child to train with them.  It is flattering but don't worry, your athlete will be recognized in high school for their performance, maturity, and love for the sport.  Is there a greater chance for burn-out or inability to obtain new training levels when your athlete has been in the same program for many years?  Yes! Let High School be a new start!  Plus, let's avoid stress fractures and keep them running for speed and mechanics versus trying to keep up and impress with the older kids.  Kids, 6-15, do not have the same training requirements as a high school student. (Tell me how you really feel!)
Cross Country Meets, arrive an hour or so before the race for warm-up and then however long it takes your athlete to complete their race of 1.5-2.5 miles. Usually a nice day in the fall but perhaps you might bring an umbrella or a hot coffee (for yourself of course.)
TRACK EVENTS: Kids compete based on age group. The most common events are: 100/200/400/800/1500/3000 and 4x100, 4x400 and 4x800 relays. At this time we do not participate in field events. Although we compete in the meets that lead to AAU Nationals, at times we compete in a USATF sponsored event. USATF IL has a great explanation of meets and parent involvement at
AAU/USATF/YES?: What's up with all those letters? AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, is the organization that the Flyers usually compete to the National Level. Most age groups are defined by individual birth year. USATF, USA Track & Field, also offers national competition but each competition group includes 2 birth years. For the 2018 season, members are only required to have an AAU extended benefits membership for club liability and competition. We will registrater your athlete. During the cross country season, XC, we compete in AAU, USATF and attend the YES Nationals meet.
PRACTICES and MANDATORY PRACTICE GEAR: Practices are held in snow, moderate rain and even sunshine. Practice is canceled or moved to a safe area if sleet/hail/lava and thunder threaten. A practice is called/delayed within 30 minutes of start time if inclement weather is anticipated, or shortened with an email to practice groups. The same email notification is given if the team has sought cover. One of the best performances of the team followed a practice in a surprise downpour. Since practices are held in changing weather, the team has a MANDATORY PRACTICE GEAR policy. Athletes must arrive at practice with one additional top layer if temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees. Athletes must arrive at practice with one long (to ankles) layer of pants and two top layers if temperature is between 30 and 64 degrees. Hat and gloves are recommended at this temperature also. The bag, with clothing or if worn, is the parents' responsibility and must be evident at the beginning of practice.