Q: Where is the Camana Bay Pool located?

A: The pool is located in the Camana Bay Sports Complex. You can find a map by clicking here

Q: Practice times, how do I find them?

A: When logged in to the website (www.camanabayaquaticclub.com), go to ‘Group Calendars’, under pick a calendar select which roster group you would like to view. Once you select your group, your calendar will appear on the screen. Note that there is also a notice box above the calendars, where you can find any information regarding changes to the schedule.

Q: When should I be at practice?

A: Practice starts on time every day. Swimmers should be a few minutes early to practice to ensure that they are ready to go by the start of the workout.

Q: What do swimmers need for practice?

A: All swimmers should come prepared to every practice. They will need a swim cap (a spare is also advisable), goggles that fit and do not leak (please avoid face masks) and they also need water bottles. They should also come to each practice with the equipment needed for each group from the list provided, dryland clothes and appropriate footwear to scheduled dryland practices.  Age Group Development and MaplesFS Select swimmers should have their training journals at all practices and pack healthy nutritious snacks.

Q: When I update my personal information it requires a state to save it, what do I do?

A: At this time please select ”KY “as the State in order to save your information. It is very important that all names are correct and dates of birth since this is how they will be entered at swim meets.

Q: Where should I park?

A: It is a small parking lot and we have a large team so please try to park on the gravel parking space opposite the tennis courts if you are staying for practice. If you are just dropping off please use the pool parking area for drop offs.  This is very important since teachers, students, and parents from CIS use the pool parking lot until 5pm.

Q: Can my child play on the field, courts, or swim while a sibling is swimming?

A: It is great to hear that they want to be active and we encourage that. The courts and fields are NOT to be played on at any time. These areas can be booked by contacting the Camana Bay Sports Complex. Space limitations restrict us from permitting siblings to swim during practice times. The pool is available for lap swimming, please email the Camana Bay Sports Complex at cbsc@camanabay.com for lap swim times and information. Additionally, the nearby Camana Bay Town Centre is a great place to play while waiting, parents can grab a coffee, and siblings can play in the fountains, read books, and explore. 

Q: What is CIASA?

CIASA is the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association, the governing body of aquatic sports for the Cayman Islands, an affiliated member of FINA, the world governing body of aquatic sports. CIASA family membership is included in each CBAC membership, which entitles every CBAC parent to have a voice and a vote in how our sport is operated locally. Their annual general meeting is generally held in March/April and should be marked as an important date on your calendar if you are interested in ensuring appropriate and equal governance for your child's chosen sport.

Q: Can I pay on –line?

A: Yes, we encourage online payment. You can find the online payment instructions here.

Q: When are final group selections made?

A: All the swimmers are constantly evaluated and changing groups may be be done at any time to meet the individual swimmers needs. To start each season, swimmers will be placed in what has been deemed the appropriate group for their ability and level of commitment. We endeavour to make any necessary group movements within the first month of the season although this may not always be possible. Please keep this in mind as you are making arrangements for other activities.

Q: Could the schedule change?

A: On occasion we have to make changes to the schedule based on available pool time. The schedule will always be subject to change. We will try our best to keep changes to a minimum over the season, but please understand that sometimes this is beyond our co

Q: How can I help CBAC?

A: There will be a list of volunteer jobs for parents at the Parent Education Night at the beginning of each season. Please take part, CBAC becomes stronger when more parents give time to it. It is also a great way for you to bond with fellow team parents.

If you have any further questions we would be happy to help. Email us at cbac@camanabay.com


CBAC Staff