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​USA Synchro Figures Rules
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Figure Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPF0SBy04kY

What are figures? 

Every competitive synchronized swimming meet has two components to it: a “figures” portion and a “routine” portion. Normally the total (or championship) score for swimmers and teams are combined scores of figures and routine (50/50).
During the figures portion of a meet, the swimmer is competing alone against other swimmers and judges are measuring only one (but important) part of their synchro skills.

Figures are the positions and transitions to new positions that every swimmer needs to learn, regardless of age or experience. Figures are grouped by age group and have a level of difficulty associated with them. In a figure competition, there are 4 figures performed per group and each figure has a unique name – such as “porpoise”, or “sailboat”, or “ballet leg”.

Swimmers work on these figures at each practice, and learn to control the speed, height, and posture of each one. It may take a couple of years for a swimmer to truly master a figure, and that is why age groups usually span two to three years, to allow plenty of time for skill development.

In a figures meet, swimmers must wear black bathing suits and white caps. This provides a level of anonymity to the athletes, as one swimmer cannot be easily identified from another. The judges must focus purely on the skill of the figure, and assign a score ranging from 0-10 (with .1 increments)

Pre-Novice (Sprites) Figures

Novice Figures

Intermediate Figures

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