2021 Clovis Fall Classic - RESULTS!

Please check this page as a "one stop shop" place for meet information regarding the 2021 Clovis Fall Classic, Saturday, September 25 @ Clovis West High School.

Check-in:  This meet will be PRE-SEEDED, which means that all of the heats and lanes will be determined before the start of the meet.  There is no check-in and no need to scratch events.  Swimmers who miss heats will not be penalized; however, it is at the referee's discretion to determine if the athlete can be seeded into a later heat.  

IMPORTANT:  This meet will be run in TWO courses!  All 10 and Under events will be swum in the 6 lanes on the NORTH (scoreboard) side of the pool.  All 11 and Older events will be swum in the 10 lanes on the SOUTH (office) side of the pool.

IMPORTANT:  The gendered events for this meet have been COMBINED.  All the age groupings will remain the same, but boys and girls will be swimming in the same heats of the same events.  Boys events must subtract 1 from the event number to have the correct event number.  (Ex:  Event 32 for the boys will be swum combined with and titled event 31).  

Meet Information

Meet event file

Preliminary Timeline

Lane Timing Assignments

Psych Sheet - as of 9/23/21

11&O Heat Sheets - SOUTH COURSE (office side) 

10&U Heat Sheets - NORTH COURSE (scoreboard side)

Results file - as of 9/25/21

PDF Results - as of 9//25/21