It’s with a heavy heart that I must share that the Southwestern Age Group Regionals (SWAGR) has been cancelled.  USA Swimming has imposed a “strong recommendation” that all sanctioned competition should be banned for the next 30 days, and we will comply with their mandate.  CLICK HERE for the USA Swimming site regarding this information. 

We feel very sorry for those who worked so hard to prepare for this event:  swimmers have put so much time in the water, managers and coaches have put in so much time in planning your trips, our host team and officials have put in time to prepare an OUTSTANDING competition.  However, we do realize that there are things in life that are bigger than a swim meet.  We agree that the health and safety of all supersedes fast swims (although I could debate both sides of this one…just trying to lighten the mood). 

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this decision:

  1. Will we reschedule?  No.  Sorry, it’s just too hard to get all the pieces in place to make this happen.
  2. Will the meet fees be refunded?  Yes.  Mark Bennett will coordinate with USA Swimming to refund the fees on OME.  Checks that have been mailed will be shredded, unless a team representative contacts Mark Bennett (by Friday, May 27) to have the check mailed back to the sender.

I do want to thank ALL of you for your interest in this meet.  As many of you know, I have a strong personal interest in getting this meet to improve and grow.  SWAGR will be back in 2021!  Put it on your calendar…I’m sure there will be some kind of discussion of when and where, but with your help and hard work, it will be stronger than ever! 


Mark Bennett

Head Age Group Coach – Clovis Swim Club

VISITING TEAMS:  We invite all teams who plan to compete to take part to fill out a short "commitment form."  It should only take about 2 minutes to fill out.  Please only offer a SINGLE NUMBER estimate of your swimmer count and not a "range."  You can access the form here:

Current team commitments (as of 1/16/20):

  • Clovis Swim Club - CC
  • Scottsdale Aquatic Club - AZ
  • Davis Arden Racing Team (DART) - SN
  • North Coast Aquatics - SDI
  • Rio Salado Swim Club - AZ
  • Sierra Marlins Swim Team - SN
  • Kamehameha Swim Club - HI
  • Charger Aquatics - NM
  • Jeffco Hurricanes - CO
  • Cactus Aquatics - AZ
  • Santa Maria Swim Club - CA
  • Wolverine Aquatic Club - SN
  • Solano Area Sea Otters (SASO) - SN
  • Highlands Ranch Aquatics - CO
  • Park City Swimming (CITY) - UT
  • Bakersfield Aquatic Club - CC
  • Northern Sierra Swimming - SN
  • Life Time Northern California - SN
  • Flying Fish Arizona Swim Team - AZ
  • Heartland Swim Association - SDI
  • Front Range Barracudas - CO
  • Fresno Dolphins Swim Team - CC
  • Yuma Heat - AZ
  • Desert Thunder Aquatics Club - AZ
  • Almaden Riptide - PC
  • Arden Hills Swimming - SN
  • Olympus Aquatics - UT
  • Merced Skimmers - CC
  • California Capital Aquatics - SN
  • Aquasol Swim Team - SN
  • Spare Time Aquatics - SN
  • Truckee Tahoe Swim Team - SN
  • Life Time Northern California - SN
  • Arizona Seals - AZ
  • South West Aquatic Sports - AZ
  • Swim San Diego - SDI
  • Sparks Piranhas - SN
  • South West Aquatics Swimming - AZ
  • Sacramento Aquatics Club - SN
  • GOLD - SN
  • Bakersfield Swim Club - CC
  • Tule Nation Tritons - CC
  • Roadrunner Aquatics - CC