Become an Official – Clovis Swim Club NEEDS YOU! 


Clovis Swim Club is always looking for new volunteers to join the ranks.  Being a USA Swimming Officials is a great way to serve the Club and support the sport of swimming.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 

USA Swimming Officials are volunteers who are committed to supporting the sport of swimming by ensuring fair and equitable competition.  There are numerous officiating positions, each with a varying level of responsibility, so it’s easy to contribute in an area that’s right for you. While opportunities exist to work at every meet (both at home and away) there is no requirement to work, aside from ensuring you satisfy your yearly session's requirement as prescribed by USA Swimming to keep your certification current. You decide when and at what meets you’d like to work – officiating is an all-volunteer effort. The Club relies on its ability to host high level meets as a major source of revenue, therefore your service as an official directly contributes to the Club's on-going fundraising efforts.

Interested?  See below for more information.

For questions, please, contact Barry Schab ([email protected]).


Frequently Asked Questions


I'm new to the sport of swimming and don’t know any of the rules – Am I really suited to become an Official?

  • Yes, and don’t worry! The Club has a great group of experienced Officials to help you learn the ropes.  Many Officials have started just where you are.  You will become well-qualified in no time at all and will gain a better appreciation for the sport along the way.


I 'd like to become an Official but prefer to work "off-deck" as opposed to "on-deck" as a Stroke & Turn Official – Is there a role for me?

  • Absolutely.  The Club needs Administrative Officials too!   An Administrative Official is one who oversees the “dry side” of a meet and supervises the clerk of course, timing system operator, Hy-Tek, etc.  Trainer Guide for Administrative Officials for CCS


How do I become a certified USA Swimming Official?  It takes some training, but the certification process is not overly difficult or time-consuming.  Trainer Guide for Stroke & Turn Official for CCS

  • Attend a training session, which includes a review of the various officiating positions and the responsibilities of each position, an overview of the USA Swimming rules, and a lot of questions and answers. 


  • Apprentice six sessions at two different meets (home or away) by "shadowing" experienced officials


  • Familiarize yourself with the USA Swimming Rulebook.


  • Take and pass an online, open-book test through the USA Swimming website.  Once you start the test it can be saved and resumed at a later date so you can work on it a little at a time, at your leisure.


  • Register as a Non-Athlete Member of USA Swimming, complete a background check, and take an "Athlete Protection" online course (approximately 30 minutes long) that all Officials and Coaches are required to complete.


When is the next officials’ training session?

  • Training sessions for new Officials are scheduled at various times during the season, usually an hour or so before the start of a home meet.   Please check the "Weekly Notes" for the date and time of the next session.


Does this count toward my volunteer requirements for the Club?

  • Yes, sessions that you work at home and away meets that the Club participates in count toward your yearly volunteer hours requirements.  The Club waives the annual administrative fee of $100 for all active officials.


Will there be any cost to me?

  • There is a fee to become a Non-Athlete Member of USA Swimming ($60) and for the background check ($36.50), however these costs will all be reimbursed to you by the Club when you become certified.


Why do I need a background check?

  • USA Swimming has instituted nationwide reforms for the purpose of ensuring the safety and well-being of the children in our care.  As part of that program, all Coaches must now pass an “enhanced” background check and all Officials must pass a standard background check.

Any other questions, please, contact Barry Schab ([email protected])