2022 - 2023 Age Group Meet Schedule

(Remaining Schedule updated 3/22/23)

March 23 - 26: SWAGR (Southwest Age Group Regionals) - Folsom, CA - This meet is the primary meet for our Age Group Swimmers for the Short Course Season (August - April). Qualification for this meet is the fastest standard for our Short Course Swim Meets. This meet is a Family Travel Meet meaning that families are to travel on their own and meet the coaches at the facility. This is a prelims and finals meet which means that all entered swimmers swim in the morning session and a designated number of swimmers with the fastest times from prelims swims at night. If there are multiple finals, a swimmer may not get a place in a faster final even if there time beats a swimmer in the faster final (Prelim swims are important!)

April 1 - 2: Reedley TNT Long Course Meet - Reedley CA - This begins the Long Course Season (swimmers swim the 50 meter distance of the pool for these competitions). Times will be slower than short course swims, as the swim is longer and there are less walls, which is the fastest point a swimmer moves in swimming after the start. It's best to not convert times, but see it as a whole other event. Conversions are a theoretical conversion, but every swimmer is different on strengths and weaknesses, and the equation does not take that into consideration. A swimmer does not need to train Long Course to compete Long Course. The skills we use are the same and endurance is still endurance. Many teams in the US do not have Long Course pools to train in, and the only time they ever swim in them are at swim meets.

April 29 - 30: Merced Long Course Meet - UC Merced - This meet will be last chance to update times to qualify for the Clovis Swim Club Summer Slam Team. Summer Slam is a special meet designed as dual meets where face off with other teams on June 23-25 this year. These early season Long Course Meets provide some experience in Long Course competitions. There is an adaption period to the change of course, so the more practice races we get at these early season meets the better.

May 27 - 29: Memorial Day Meet (Mike Snyder Memorial Meet) - (Clovis West) - In memory of a late parent of Clovis Swim Club swimmers. Mike was heavily involved in Clovis Swim Club and did a lot to make swimming a great sport for his daughters and all the kids on Clovis Swim Club. His amazing volunteerism is recognized at this meet and conitnuing to have more swim parents "Be Like Mike" and make this a great swim club to be a part of. For our Swimmers, this is a meet where younger swimmers can swim short events for Long Course experience, even if they may not be fully prepared for them. Older Age-Group Swimmers continue to get Long Course Meet experience and should be working on or already prepared to handle the meet process on their own without a parent (since many of the parents are working at the meet).

June 3rd: Yosemite Short Course Meet - Oakhurst, CA - This Meet is mainly for our Novice and Red Group Swimmers. It is a short course meet in the Long Course Season. Purpose of this meet is to keep our younger swimmers competing and improving without having to do Long Course, which they may not be ready for. Swimmers should be practicing doing the Meet Process without a parent, many times with the parent shadowing them through the process, not leading them through it.

June 16: CUSD Freestyle/Backstroke Invitational - Clovis TBD - This meet is open to Novice, Red, and White swimmers. It is part of our Summer League. This meet will have Freestyle and Backstroke Events Only.

June 17 - 18: Fresno Dolphin Long Course Meet - Bullard High School - This meet is mainly for those swimmers not selected for Summer Slam, and Summer Slam swimmers should be doing their main events since Summer Slam they may or may not be doing their best events. Another good meet for Red and White group swimmers to swim some short events (50's).

June 23 - 25: Summer Slam - Clovis West - This Meet is made up of 8 - 10 swimmers of each age group (10 and under, 11 - 12, 13 - 14). Swimmers are put into events based on the rules which indicate how many swimmers can swim in a single event and that they cannot repeat an event between the dual meet sessions. This is a fun meet that Clovis supports all teammates and cheers loudly for every swimmer, as we try to win each meet. Due to the level of competition at this meet and the competitive atmosphere, swimmers tend to swim fast at this meet. It's amazing how fast swimmers go when they stop for themselves and swim for their team! (Hint: Swimmers can do this at all meets and train for the purpose of making their team better and not for themselves, is the secret to long term progression in swimming. This goes for the parents as well, suppporting other swimmers and the swim team in general helps your child develop this mindset and is easier for them to do and benefit from training and competing for more than themselves.

June 30 - July 2: Las Vegas Firecracker Meet - Las Vegas - This meet is a Team Travel. A Fun Team Travel meet that allows swimmers to experience Team Travel before qualifying for the December Travel Meet. This is also a chance for experienced Team Travel swimmers to have Team Travel that isn't quite so dedicated to being at the pool with prelims and finals. Requirement of a National BB Time to participate.

July 7th: CUSD Summer Invitational - Clovis TBD - This meet is open to Novice, Red, and White swimmers. It is part of our Summer League and will have short events (25's and 50's) of all strokes available at the meet.

July 15 - 16: B/C Championships - Hanford (Sierra Pacific High School) - This is the championship meet for swimmers who do not make the Patterson Classic (Age-Group Champs). It is also a last chance to qualify for the Patterson Classic (Age-Group Champs). This will also be a good meet for Novice and Red swimmers who have began to get more comfortable with their strokes and attending other meets. 

July 13 - 15: CUSD Summer League Champs - Clovis North - This meet is open to Novice, Red, and White Swimmers. Prelims will be on July 13 (Girls) & 14 (Boys). Finals for this meet will be on July 15th. (25's for 8 and under swimmers, 50's for 13 and under swimmers, and the 100 IM and 100 Free will be available for swimmers ages 9 - 13)

July 19 - 23: Renee and Jim Patterson Classic (Age Group Champs) - Clovis North - A swimmer may swim events that they are qualified for at this meet. This is a Prelims and Finals Meet. Non-qualifers can participate as relay only swimmers (based on need after inputting qualifiers in relays first). This meet we are in need of a lot of help, so we hope that all age-group parents join us in filling roles and learning the various positions that are available. 

August 3 - 6: Western Zone Age Group Championships - Boise, ID - This is a CCS All-Star Team. Qualifying times are National AAA Times. A swimmer with 2 standards are automatically on the team. We fill roster spots based on the number of A's acheived, applications are due by the beginning of finals on the last day of the Patterson Classic. The CCS Team is made up of athletes from any team in Central California Swimming.

Swim Meets will be available for sign up when we recieve the Event Information from the Host team. Go to the Event Page to sign up.