I can’t think of another sport as reliant on voluntary parent/family participation as club swimming. Swim teams couldn’t function without a handful of dedicated volunteers. Here I’m talking about the individuals, willing to put in hours. But you can’t pull off a good swim meet unless the entire army of people are volunteering! 

The most “successful” swim teams have the most parent participation – and when I define “success” in terms of swimming what I really mean is “fun.” I’m not talking about the teams that score the most points, I’m talking about the teams where everyone is pulling together and enjoying the experience, enjoying meet days, and enjoying their kids’ swimming. When teams successfully encourage family participation, and everyone shares the workload, meets run more smoothly, everyone is more relaxed, and everyone enjoys the meet more. 

It’s time to create a culture of volunteerism! To help you decide where to volunteer, a description of each job is in the link below. Every meet session has most of the same jobs available. 

Thank you!

CSC Booster Club


Swim Meet Volunteer Descriptions