Alaska SwimAmerica

General Info


What is SwimAmerica?

Swim America is a multi-station lesson program featuring tightly edited progressions, developed by the best learn-to-swim experts in the world.  The lessons are for ages three and over, lessons are 30 minutes long, twice weekly (includes five minutes safety instruction weekly), and the fee is $14/lesson. Advancement evaluations are done on a daily basis.  Coaches are trained to recognize when a child has mastered or nearly mastered the skills necessary to advance.  The coach will request that the deck manager observe the child and make the final judgment if the child is ready to advance.  Each child is unique in their abilities; some will advance quickly, others will take more time.  It is our goal that each child learn to be safe and find enjoyment in the water.

Class Time and Sessions

The SwimAmerica program runs 30 minute lessons. School year lessons are held M/W and T/Th at Dimond High School Pool @ 4:45pm, 5:15pm, and 5:45pm. Summer lessons are held at Dimond High School Pool in 2 week sessions M-Th 10am, 10:30am, and 11am.