Welcome to the SWAS Gators!

The Gators will participate in the Southern Arizona Aquatic Association (SAAA) and USA Swimming Long Course Meters (LCM) season from April 2023 through July 2023.  Practices are held at 49er Country Club and at Eastern Hills Aquatic Club – EHAC, 981 N Evelyn Ave.  All swimmers will register with SAAA, USA Swimming participation is optional.

Practice:   Swimmers practice in groups based on their age a swim experience. (Please see the 2023 Summer Practice Schedule).

Events: Under the Events Tab you will find upcoming events which you are able to register for.  Parents and swimmers may select days and events that they are interested in.  Coaches will review all entries before submitting our team entries to the host team.  Please be sure to attach notes if there are days or sessions during an event that you prefer or are unable to attend.  Once an entry has been submitted to a host team, parents are responsible to pay the entry fees and team fees for the event.  All events are optional.  Our goal is that each swimmer participates for the entire season and strives to qualify for the City, Regional and or State Championships in July. The annual calendar is available under the Documents Tab.  We reserve the right to make adjustments to the calendar and will give as much notice as possible.

2023 SWAS Summer Calendar

Family Participation:  Swimming is a family sport.  We need over 50 volunteers to run our events.  Each family will be required to participate and volunteer at each of our home meets, invitationals, and Championship events that your swimmer participates in.  We are able to track volunteer participation through our website, offering sign-up times and duties as well as track hours.  We ask that you register through the site.  Jobs are simple and it is a fun way to participate and let your children know you value what they are doing by lending your support.  There is a buy-out option of $75 for each event for parents who are unable to participate. Under the Events tab- you may click on the event and complete the “Job Sign Up”.

Coaches:  All of our coaches are safety certified through the American Red Cross and USA Swimming.  They carry Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid certifications as well as Safety Training for Swim Coaches and have completed a background check.  Our USA team coaches have completed additional certifications through USA Swimming.  You may read the biographies of our coaches under the “Meet our Coaches “Tab on the home page.

Fees:    A Family Registration Fee of $50, plus per swimmer(s) monthly fee and SAAA and/or USA Registration fees. Discounts are given to families with more than one swimmer.  Additional fees for USA Meets include an entry fee plus an $8 AZ surcharge as well as an equal share of coaches' deck fees, and travel expenses. Families are responsible for personal attire and equipment which includes a team suit, t-shirt, fins, snorkel, goggles, team bag, towel, and meal expenses at our events.  (Please see the “Champion Pools order form” for information about team suits and gear under the Documents Tab).

Age Group

Monthly Fee

SAAA Reg Fee

USA Reg Fee


4-6 yr olds




Up to 2 USA meets





Up to 2 USA meets





All USA Events 





All USA Events 



Monthly Fees are charged at midnight on the last day of the month.  Fees are based on 4-weeks of participation.  This year the July fee will cover June 24 - July 21 culminating with our annual awards banquet.

Fund Raising:  Everyone’s Favorite Activity!

These activities are optional and we have made an effort to make them a fun community-building experience for families.  All funds raised through these events support our equipment/team development so that all members will benefit.  Each year we have a list of equipment needs we work toward fulfilling.  In the past years, we have spent the money on starting blocks, the Scoreboard, kickboards, pull buoys, shade tents, umbrellas, flags, equipment baskets, computer software for meet management, and banners. This year our efforts will support the improvements at our EHAC facility a nonprofit community pool.  In addition to our 2 events, we accept sponsorships which include signage at our meets and a mention in our meet program.  Sponsors may also choose to purchase specific items directly.

This year our events are…

Gator Swim-A-Thon- Swimmers will have an opportunity to swim up to 200 laps in 2 hours. Parents count laps or swim if they wish!  Pledges will be collected through our website and you will have an opportunity to create information to send to your sponsors.  There will be prizes awarded through the USA Swimming Foundation.  A portion of our money raised will be donated to the foundation to use for free swim lessons for children in need.

We are looking for volunteers to join this committee.  Please let us know if you are interested- Please Join us to swim with your family and/or count laps for your swimmer.

Gator Sponsors - $250 for the season.  The business may hang their banner at our events for the season and will receive an ad in our home meet programs as well as a logo link on our website.

Bingo! A great event at 49er Country Club pavilion, adults only.  Team Party/Movie night for the swimmers

Why Join the Gators? 

Swimming is one of the best experiences we have participated in as a family.  Many of our lifelong friends we met on the swim team!  Swimming provides your children with a healthy lifetime activity and they will create fabulous memories.  Swimming with the Gators gives you and your family an opportunity to participate in a community organization with neighbors and classmates, working for a common goal in a great environment.  We invite you to participate and enjoy the benefits of creating something special in our community.