Refer a Friend:
Refer a friend to ElitSwim and receive a 20% discount on your next month's tuition. Discount will be applied to one swimmer per family and only one referral discount may be applied per month.This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offerings and is only applied if the referral is a new member who has not been apart of nor had direct family a part of the ElitSwim organization.
Families must list you as the referral upon their initial enrollment and pay all dues/fees associated with joining the team (first-month dues and registration fee) for the credit to be applied to your account. 

Multiple Swimmer:
On our regular year-round programs.
-For the three day class per week (Elit-330) group for all locations, we offer $20 OFF from the second sibling and after on your regular monthly dues.

- For our High School programs and the two day class per week (Elit-High 2) we offer $20 OFF from the second sibling on your regular monthly dues.

Summer Programs:
We offer an early bird registration and $20 OFF from the second sibling. Please ask for your discount when registered.

**(Discount offerings excludes all of our private & semi-private lessons)


Spread the word!  Swimming with friends is more fun.