Elitswim is proud of its diverse coaching staff who share extensive knowledge about the competitive and technical sides of swimming. Each member of our staff is trained and equipped with an advanced set of skills streamlined to bring the most wholesome training experience in each practice. 

Become a Coach:

Step 1:
Fill out the application attached HERE and handed to Mr. Paschalis Ntatsos or submit to paschalis@elitswim.com 

Step 2:

ONLY individuals who have been cleared by the Director of ElitSwim and who have already passed their first interview may continue on to this step

1) Create an ElitSwim account as a coach. If under the age of 18 Register Here and choose the “Coaches Group”. Parental supervision will be required for the information necessary to register.

For 18 & Over, Register Here.

a) During your registration process in the part where it says Biography/Notes write a concise description of who you are along with your background and any experience you have in the sport of swimming or swim coaching. (Visit Coaches page for examples)

2) Print, complete and sign the form HERE, which specifies your availability and submit all information to Apoorva Sharma at apoorva.elitswim@gmail.com

3) Print, complete, and sign the Instructor’s agreement contract attached HERE and submit directly to Paschalis Ntatsos prior to your first training day.

4) A fingerprint screening through the San Ramon Police Department is required.
a) Click HERE to download the form and complete all personal info. This is the form to present at the Police Station.
b) Click HERE to book your Live Scan appointment for one set of fingerprints.
Please submit proof of completion to athenatopakas.elitswim@gmail.com
The fingerprint screening will be required only once for the whole duration of your employment with ElitSwim. You will not be required to renew.

5) For the City’s Lessons will be required also a TB test (Tuberculosis test) that can be performed by your physician or your local hospital. TB tests will be valid for a two-year period. Please submit proof of completion to athenatopakas.elitswim@gmail.com

6) Thoroughly review the Staff Guidelines and Expectations, dress code attached below. For any questions, contact paschalis@elitswim.com, or ask your manager on deck.

a) Staff Guidelines

b) Dress Code
c) When2Work Instructions

For any questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact Paschalis Ntatsos, Apoorva Sharma, or Athena Topakas

EliteSwim, LLC