ElitSwim is proud of its diverse coaching staff who share extensive knowledge about the competitive and technical sides of swimming. Each member of our staff is trained and equipped with an advanced set of skills streamlined to bring the most wholesome training experience in each practice. 

Joining our ElitSwim staff except for a great well-paid working environment it gives you access to the latest and most innovative training methods currently in the world. In addition, we offer a variety of programs to assist you not only with your wellness and daily living but also to offer you a selection of discounts from the most popular brands. 
For more info, after creating an account on our website and completing the steps to become an ElitSwim instructor you will have access and info on the Coaches Only tab!

Starting wage: $14/hr.


Become a Coach:

                                                                    Step 1:
1) Fill out the employment letter attached HERE, sign and handed to Mr. Paschalis Ntatsos or submit to paschalis@elitswim.com 

2) If Interested in our year-round programs please contact directly with Paschalis Ntatsos.
If interested for our Spring-Summer-Fall swim lessons programs with the City of San Ramon then please print, complete and sign the
availability form for 2020 HERE, which specifies the days and times that you can work and submit all information to Paschalis Ntatsos, paschalis@elitswim.com


                                                                    Step 2:

ONLY individuals who have been cleared by the Director of ElitSwim and who have already passed their first interview may continue on to this step


1) Create an ElitSwim account as a coach under the Join Now tab. If under the age of 18 choose San Ramon Olympic Pool registration and select “Coaches Group”. Parental supervision is required for the information necessary to register.

For 18 & Over, choose the Coaches Only registration event.

a) During your registration process at the part where it says, Biography/Notes write a concise description of who you are along with your background and any experience you have in the sport of swimming or swim coaching. (Visit Coaches page for examples)


                                                             Step 3: 
                                                  Welcome to ElitSwim          

Now that you have created your member account it will appear on the Home page a tab for Coaches Only!
In this page you will have access to:

a) Important items and instructions to set up your account to complete the process to become an ElitSwim Coach.

b) Coaching Staff Instructions.

c) Material and all info regarding our lessons programs.

For any questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact Paschalis Ntatsos, or Athena Topakas


EliteSwim, LLC