1) General Questions
2) Registration Questions
3) Membership Questions
Private & Semi-Private questions
5) Important Documents

General Questions:

Am I required to volunteer?

There is absolutely no volunteering hours for any of our programs or events.


What kind of equipment does my child need? Team store link

All swimmers are required to wear ElitSwim logo caps at all times.

  • Fins that fit snug without hurting their feet
  • Kickboard (size depends on child's age)
  • Pull buoy
  • Goggles
  • Proper fitting suit (No swim trunks)
  • Please avoid full-body suits as it can make it hard for the swimmer to move through the water.


Where can I buy an ElitSwim Cap?

Swim caps are available for purchase from your coach on deck for $5 for the latex and $10 for the silicone ones.


Can my child or I use the facilities before or after the group practices and/or private lessons?

Your class fee covers the entrance to the pool for the designated time of your practice. If you would like to stay longer at the pool to swim (i.e., out of your lesson time frame), you must pay the entrance fee to the City at the front desk.


What information is in the calendar?

  • Events
  • Future dates where practice might be at a different time or location due to high school events.

How do I sign up for text messages?

  • Sign in to your account at www.elitswim.com
  • Go to My Account > Account Info.
    • Click add SMS phone number and add your carries.
  • You will now receive a confirmation text.
  • You are now ready to receive ElitSwim texts.

Should I come to practice early?

For the swimmer's benefit, we ask that participants arrive 5-10 minutes early to give them enough time to prepare their equipment.


How do I update my credit card information?

1) Sign in to your account

2) Go to: My Account > Account Info > Payment Setup

4) Add your new Credit Card information

5) Click Save Changes


What is the depth of the pool?

This depends on which lanes we are assigned. Sometimes we are in the shallow end, and other times, we’re in 4+ feet depth.

What happens if a practice is missed during winter holidays/months?

During December and January, we allow make-up practices and accommodate all requests.


How can I watch my child(ren) practice?

To keep the swimmers engaged with our coaches, parents must stay out of sight to avoid distracting swimmers and coaches. Parents can watch practices from a distance but are not required to stay during practice.


How will I be notified if a practice is canceled?

You can sign up to receive text messages. Otherwise, you will be informed via email as soon as possible.


Am I allowed to take pictures or videos of my child(ren) during practices?

For private lessons, please ask your coach before taking pictures or videos.

For Group practices, pictures and videos are not allowed out of respect for other participants' privacy.


Can I make up my practice if I miss one?

ElitSwim does not offer make-up practices. Billing is based on four weeks per month. Most months offer more than four weeks which we do not process an extra payment as assistance for practices that you will miss on your own, legal holidays, etc


What if my child misses a class due to being sick or injured?

Please provide us with a doctor's note no later than a week of the incident to be eligible to receive makeup practice(s). Later notes will not be accepted.

Extreme circumstances will be considered on a situational basis by the department head ONLY!



Registration Questions:


My child is new to Elitswim. What do I do?

  • New swimmers can only register if they have gone through a try-out and have been approved by one of our coaches.
  • For All New swimmers, the City of San Ramon requires a liability form that needs to be downloaded, printed, filled out, and handed in to us before the swimmer can enter the water. Please click the link to choose your form for either a MINOR or ADULT.

What is the registration fee?

There is a $25 registration fee for all programs, including private lessons ($25 for the second and $20 for the third sibling)


Do I need to pay another registration fee if I suspend my account and want to reactive it at a later time?

If you reactivate your account within six months, you will not have to pay another registration fee.

If you suspend your account and reactivate it in the next calendar year, it will include the registration fee.


Is the registration fee refundable?

The registration fee is non-refundable.


Can I register at any time during the month?

Registration is available at any time.


What happens if I register in the middle of the month?

Monthly fees will be prorated for partial months.

For example: If you signed up on the 10th of the month, you would only be charged for that month's remaining practices.


I’ve registered, what do I do next?

Your account is now "Pending Approval'. We will soon process your registration and add the prorated monthly dues for the remainder of the month. Once activated, you will receive an email confirmation and will be able to start right away.



Membership Questions:


How are the monthly charges collected?

The ongoing monthly charges are collected automatically on the first of each month. The credit card you use for this registration becomes your default method of payment for monthly charges.


What are the accepted forms of payment?

ElitSwim will only be accepting payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Please keep a current credit card on file at all times to pay for monthly dues and other items.


Is there a late fee if I do not pay on time?

There is a $30 late fee per member if payments are not made by the 10th of each month.

To avoid a late fee, replace your credit card information before the due date of the 10th and contact us (link) to confirm.

If fees are not current, swimmers will not be allowed to practice.


How do I suspend or terminate my membership?

Suspending or terminating your Membership requires a thirty (30) days advance written notice.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Account name (first and last)
  • Participants first and last name

It is the participants' responsibility to notify the club management of their intention to terminate their involvement with the ElitSwim programs in writing to close out or suspend their account.


Can I get a refund?

ElitSwim does not offer refunds.


If the pools are closed, do I get a refund or credit?

The San Ramon Olympic pool(SROP) and Dougherty Valley Aquatics Center(DVAC) close due to natural disasters such as weather, power outage, air quality, etc. ElitSwim does not offer a refund, credit, or makeup practices.



Private & Semi Private questions


How can I start if I'm interested in private & semi-private?

To arrange your private lessons, you will need to Contact Us and check availability!


What is the next step after I register?

Your account is now "Pending Approval'. We will soon process your registration and will process payment for 6x30min private lessons to start. Once activated, you will receive an email confirmation and will be able to start right away.


Is there a time frame where I have to complete my lesson package?

You have two months maximum to complete any 6 lessons package.


Should I be visible during my child(ren)'s lessons?

To keep the swimmers engaged with our coaches, parents must stay out of sight to avoid distracting swimmers and coaches. Parents can watch practices from a distance but are not required to stay during practice.


Can I cancel a private lesson?

Only one lesson out of every 6 can be canceled and rescheduled. Cancelations for private or semi-private lessons are only acceptable with a 48-hour notice before the lesson. Failure to do so will result in a full session charge.


How do I cancel a private lesson?

Cancellations must be made via email or text directly through your coach assigned for your private lessons.


Can I reschedule a canceled private lesson?

Yes, contact your coach assigned for private lessons to reschedule and allow at least 3 business days for a lesson to be officially rescheduled.


Do private lessons expire? 

Any private lesson must be used within the three month period of time that they were purchased.



Can I take video or photos during my child's private lesson?

Yes, you can as long as you don't distract the coach or the swimmer. If requested, we can arrange one lesson to be assigned for video or photo shooting.

In Closing:
Although comprehensive in the outlining of the ElitSwim, not all policies or procedures might be covered. When a new situation occurs, the ElitSwim administration will make every decision in the best interest of the child’s safety, security, and wellbeing in the program. The coaching staff encourages all parents to be part of this wonderful organization and help us help the children!


Important Documents

ElitSwim Code of Conduct

ElitSwim Concussion Info Sheet For Swimmers & Parents 

ElitSwim Action Plan to Address Bullying

ElitSwim Athlete Protection - Guidelines and Policies 


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