Paschalis Ntatsos



Paschalis is an ASCA Level 5 Senior Coach. (the highest level representing the top 3% in the nation).
One of his unique strengths is that he has combined his extensive international swimming career and training by top European coaches, together with his Head coaching experience across all age groups up to elite international level swimmers. As a result, he can better understand and approach any individual needs with his swimmers to maximize their highest potential.

Coaching Career                                                       

  • Certified by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) as a level 5 Senior coach (the highest level representing the top 3% in the nation)
  • Over 15 years coaching experience. Managed teams of 600 plus swimmers from Novice to senior international levels.
  • Age Group Coach SRVA since 2006 achieving Top-10 State and National level age group swimmers.
  • Work Out Trainer - Police Academy - Athens, Greece. (2002-2005)
  • Partnered with Zoltan Kollar, voted Hungary’s Coach of the Year 1994 through 1998 and developed specialized programs for elite athletes enhancing their technique to achieve international status. (2003-2005)
  • Head Coach of Senior Level Team - Panellinios Athletic Club. Athens, Greece. (2001-2004)
  • As a Head Coach achieved 1st  place in the team standings for Panellinios Athletic Club in the National Championship, scoring the highest for all age groups. (2003 & 2004)
  • Professor of Swimming Practice and Theory-Private Institution of Education (TORCH) - Athens, Greece. (2001-2003)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sports Science(BSS). Major in swimming. The University of Athens, Greece (1999)

 Swimming Career

  • Member of the Greek National team, 23-year swimmer, 10 plus times National Gold Medalist
  • Open Water, Alcatraz Invitational Event, achieved an overall 7th place in 2009, and 4th place out of 600+ swimmers in 2011
  • Gold Medalist, National Championships, Greece (1989 - 2000)
  • 8th place 4 x 100 Medley Relay  - World Championship - Athens, Greece (2000)
  • Gold Medalist in Balkan Championship – Individual and relay events  (1992,1994,1996,1998)
  • National Record Holder of Greece - 100m Free, 200m Free Seniors. (1996-1999)
  • Gold Medalist in 200m Free, Silver 100m Free, Military World Championship  - St Petersburg, Russia (1995)
  • Silver Medalist 4x200 Free & 8th place 100m Free, Mediterranean Championship- Bari,
  • Italy (1997)
  • National Swimmer of the Year, Greece (1996)
  • Olympic Games Torch Runner (1996)

    “Swimming is not only about winning. It is a life-long success.”


    I am a mother who had two out of three kids swimming at many competitive swimming teams from the famous Santa Clara Competitive Swimming Team all the way to Pleasanton Seahawk Competitive Swimming team in California. 


    For many years, I did not truly see both our kids’ improvement in either speed or techniques.  I hired private coaches.  Hope that my kids would improve but they did not.  Instead, my kids used to love swimming and then they felt not improved and wanting to quit at age of 15 and 12.  I told them that I would find a good swimming coach for one last attempt.  


    One year ago, when we met Coach Paschalis, he commented my children that they would eventually injure themselves physically because they are putting too much strain on their joints and bodies and later on they may hate swimming. I immediately knew that this is the right coach.  He is very different from many other USA Swimming Level 5 Coaches I have met.  Note that I am not a swimmer but I have strong mother instinct.   


    Coach Paschalis sees each kids’ potentials and he customized his teaching skills to encourage both of my children.  Not only he is professional, patience, talented in teaching, strong believer in bringing a professional swimming team, my kids’ techniques have improved SO MUCH within 2 months!   He also trained professionally.  He himself used to compete himself.   My kids even told me that their shoulders are no longer hurting and their swimming speeds have improved so much.   They LOVE swimming now. 


    On top of all these, Coach Paschalis himself swims every day in the morning at least 10KM because he truly believes that the only way to teach a good swimming is that the coach himself also has his own discipline and understand everyday swimmers’ struggles every day.  


    My kids love to go to swimming now!  Every day they asked me to go swimming.  On top of it, their swimming techniques are much improved and their speed jump up so much comparing to theirs before. 


    Parents, if you seriously love and care about your child’s swimming, either leisure or professionally, this is the one coach you should NOT miss.  Coach Paschalis truly wants to build the best out of your children’s greatest potential. 


    Please do not get me wrong if you think he only teaches at the competitive levels.   Coach Paschalis and his coach teams also teach very young children.   


    Coach Paschalis only hires the coaches whom he trained and handpicked to teach new young swimmers.   My 8 years old who absolutely screamed when he touched the water.  Now he is 9 years old.  One year ago, my little Alex started his very first swimming lesson with Coach Erik and later Coach Stephanie.  Now he swam 50M with good form, good speed and still love every single minute of it. 


    What Coach Paschalis and his swimming coaches taught us that swimming is not only about success in speed but also it can also build success in our kids’ life.  Attitude, patience, practice, and skills are the keys to success. Because…


    “Swimming is not only about winning.  It is a life-long success”. 


    Juanita Dion, MSEE, DTM, CSM

    A full-time working mother of 16, 13, and 9 Years old Swimmers

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