Through this pandemic, we have restructured some of our groups to offer a safer and more personalized environment for all participants. Please visit HERE for detailed information.


Swimming is a discipline and a skill that can be pursued forever!

We are here to build dedication, commitment, and passion through our love of swimming. We are here to build a better you.

We are ElitSwim!


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Mental Health Tips With Team USA Senior Sports Psychologist, Sean McCann

Each year on October 10, we celebrate World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and share resources...

By Paschalis Ntatsos

Pool exercise can play a role in Covid-19 fight.

By Paschalis Ntatsos

Important info regarding pool closure announcements!

Dear Friends. Regarding the pool closure, please don't call the City and especially in the morning time as it is way too early to...

By Paschalis Ntatsos

Psychological Benefits You Get From Swimming

The great thing about swimming is, it is low impact and people of all ages can reap the psychological benefits that it offers. September...

By Paschalis Ntatsos

How swimming helps with mental health

New study says swimming benefits mental health 8 October 2018 Swim England News Swimming has significantly reduced the symptoms of anxiety or depression for 1.4...

By Paschalis Ntatsos