Swimming is a discipline and a skill that can be pursued forever!

We are here to build dedication, commitment, and passion through our love of swimming. We are here to build a better you.

We are ElitSwim!


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Psychological Benefits You Get From Swimming

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ElitSwim offers two convenient training locations to fit your needs:

9900 Broadmoore Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583
10550 Albion Rd
San Ramon, CA 94582
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If interested in group programs, please proceed with the info below for the try-outs. If interested in private, please contact us before registering to check availability. You can lose the registration fee if you register before an initial communication.


Contact us with the following information to determine if your child will need a try-out.

Starting age is six years old, and who can swim non-stop freestyle and backstroke for a minimum of 25 yards (one lap) distance.


For more info/dates for our Try-outs, please Check on the New Member tab

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