Welcome back to ElitSwim.
We are looking forward to work again with you and your child for the short or long term goals that you have in swimming.

Returning Members: Contact Us to activate your account. Next, an email will be sent to your mailbox with instructions to log in. Update all personal and credit card info and register your child to the location and group of your choice.
After we will activate your account please
 return on this page to follow the steps and Sign In! to the available groups.

These will be temporary groups until we get back to normal and move back to our regular groups.
Groups offered: a) Elit 160 for one time per week for one hour practice. b) Elit 230($140 monthly dues) for twice per week for 30min per practice and c) Elit 260($240 monthly dues) for twice per week for one hour per practice. 



There are two important items that need to be completed at the same time and the process is very easy. There is no registration fee for this sign in. Both items can be found on our Home Page.


1) Choose your Group:
Visit our Home Page, scroll down > Calendar>Team Events, and view the location of your choice. The picture above shows the location.

a) Dougherty Aquatic Center(DVAC/DVHS). Sign In! 

b) San Ramon Olympic Pool(SROP/Cal High).Sign In!

Don't click on the event just next to these two groups, you will see a blue button  Job Sign Up  Click and follow the steps below.

a) You can choose only one group for now.

b) Enter your account name and next in parentheses the name of your child for the slot that you chose. Jon Smith(Alex Smith)

c) Each sibling reserves one spot. Two siblings=2 spots, For each spot, just add the swimmer's name who is assigned for this spot.

d) Disregard the dates for the group that you chose. Practices have already started.

e) These are temporary groups due to the strict guidelines we have from County. As the guidelines get looser slowly, we can get

2) Sign, Policy, and Waivers:
ElitSwim has revised its current policies to apply with the pandemic. The city of San Ramon also requires all participants to accept the new waiver before they get back in the water. There is no fee on the registration, and it takes a minute to complete. Either on our Home Page>scroll down>Calendar>Team Events>ElitSwim & City of San Ramon Policy & Waivers>Register Online. or Click on the link HERE