Dear ElitSwim Members & Friends.

Our items below are in a limited inventory except for our Parka that you can order directly through the company, partnered with ElitSwim.
For everything else,
Contact Us to place an order. The form of payment will be your Credit Card in your account.


1) ​Team Towel Details
These towels are 100% cotton, made in the USA, and the logo is woven and not printed. 
The towel size is 34x60, and it is a great personal gift as well.
These towels are of excellent quality, have a plush feeling, and are very absorbing. The cost per towel is $45.



2) ​Team Hoodie Details
Teams Hoodies are available in adult sizes from Small to XL. We have available one color only(Ash), which is a light white/grey. The cost is $30.


3) ​Team T-Shirt Details

Team T-Shirts are available in adult sizes from Small to XL. We have three color options: Light Grey, White, and Blue. The cost is $15.


4) ​Team Parka Details: ElitSwim team parkas are black with black fleece lining. The left chest side has the ElitSwim logo embroidered, and the back features our ElitSwim logo in turquoise. Personalized embroidery to add your swimmer's name will be on the front right side and included in the cost. Our Teams colors are strong and bold but minimal, adding elegance with our turquoise finish.


The parkas are top-quality fleece-lined, and if you decide to purchase one for our younger swimmers, we suggest choosing a larger size because it will last for as long as you can fit in it! For adults, you can pick your size.

How to Order:
If you would like to purchase our Teams Parka, please click HERE, and it will direct you to the SwimOutlet website > ElitSwim Teams page, and you can buy it directly. 
If you have any questions, please, Contact Us.

5) ElitSwim logo Swim Caps:
It must be worn at all times.
Available for sale from your coach on deck for $6($7 if paid with CC) for the latex and $11($12 if paid with CC) for the silicone ones.

Equipment needed for daily group practices:
You can buy this equipment at any store or website you prefer, and you can bring them at any time.
Please pick either Adult or Junior size equipment, depending on your swimmer's age. Usually, under 12 years old is Junior, and you can ask your coach for more info

a) A pair of fins that needs to fit snuggly into their feet without hurting them
b) Kickboard, junior or adult size.
c) Pull buoy, 
junior or adult size.​
d) Proper goggles.

Suggested links to purchase if you don't have them:
1)  Link for the Long Fins Here
2)  Link for an Adult Kickboard

3)  Link for a Junior Kickboard
4)  Link for an Adult Pull buoy
5)  Link for a Junior Pull buoy