Please read below regarding the latest guidelines, which are a combination of the City of San Ramon and ElitSwim as a program.


  • Regardless of vaccination status, all individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a face-covering when 6’ of physical distance cannot be maintained both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Unvaccinated parents must continue to wear a face-covering when entering both Aquatics facilities when 6’ of physical distance cannot be maintained.
  • We strongly recommend that all parents leave their swimmers to come down on the pool deck without escorting them inside the pool as there are many swimmers from other programs around, and we would like to keep that safe for all participants.
  • If your swimmer is young and you feel that they can not handle themselves, you can escort them in the pool, but please keep your distance at all times, especially when swimmers finish their practice and come out of the water. If you want to assist your swimmer in gathering their stuff, please ask them to move back and away from other swimmers. 

If you would like to approach and talk to a coach regardless of your vaccination status, you must wear a face covering. ElitSwim staff has instructions to move away from all parent members that approach without face coverings. 


· Health checks will no longer be conducted by City staff. 

· Showers and locker rooms are now open.

· All individuals are required to wear a face-covering while indoors at the aquatics facility, including in the lobby and locker rooms. 


Till further notice, we will move forward under these guidelines.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding in keeping our swimmers and coaching staff safe at all times.