Some of the precautions we are taking to ensure everyone's safety are:

  • Each swimmer will be assigned a lane that they will use every practice until further notice.
  • Every spot is secured and designated specifically for your swimmer. Therefore, please consider before accepting that we won’t be able to make any changes, offer a refund, makeup practices, or credit for the remaining of each month that you won’t follow.

Space is limited and will follow with a waiting list.


We continue updating our website with the information provided to us to ensure our member's safety.



Please read carefully

PREPARING TO SWIM - Protect against infections:

  • Please make sure you arrive prepared to swim as the locker rooms and shower will be closed in accordance with County requirements. There will be limited restrooms available.
  • Swimmers are required to wear a face mask before and after practice.
  • Parents can stay in the car. If swimmers are young and need assistance to come to the pool then you can escort them. Guidelines for parents in the pool please read below.
  • Arrive as close as possible to when practice begins.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Bring a full water bottle to avoid the use of water fountains.
  • Before entering the pool, wash hands with disinfectant soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer) or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve/arm area.
  • Avoid touching gates, fences, benches, etc.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to avoid practice if they are feeling ill or a member of the household does not feel well.
  • If a swimmer feels ill, coughing or sneezing profusely, or has a fever they should stay home or will be sent home immediately.
  • If a swimmer or coach is sent home or misses practice due to illness, they must receive a Doctor’s clearance before returning to practice.
  • The coaching staff will wear masks on deck and keep 6 feet distance at all times.


  • Follow directions for spacing and stay at least six feet apart from others.
  • Remind your child to go in the same lane every time.
  • Do not make physical contact with others, such as shaking hands or giving a high five.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid sharing drinks.
  • Wear your suit to and from practice.


AFTER SWIMMING(Leaving Practice)

  • Swimmers should dry off, and put their masks on when they exited from practice.
  • USA Swimming recommends they arrive and leave in swimsuits, avoid using the bathrooms, and shower at home.
  • Leave the facility as soon as reasonably possible after practice.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after leaving the pool.
  • Do not use the locker room or changing area.
  • No extra-curricular or social activity should take place. No congregation after swimming.
  • Any and all equipment utilized during the practice should be cleaned and disinfected before the next use. Please refer back to the facility guidelines for cleaning and disinfection if restrooms or showers are needed or utilized.


If Parents decide to remain during practice they are required to follow the same guidelines. Parents should:

  • Wear face coverings/masks.
  • We recommend no parent on deck as we need to keep all swimmers safe.
  • Please keep the distance at all times from all swimmers and avoid walking around in the pool deck as an exercise. 
  • Have the same screening process as swimmers before entering the facility.
  • Maintain 6ft or greater of social distancing. This can be achieved by designating observational places throughout your facility.
  • Avoid using restrooms and drinking fountains.
  • Sanitize hands upon entering and exiting your facility.
  • Any deck furnishings, benches, chairs, etc. used will need to be cleaned and disinfected before the next use.


The below response act applies to our staff as well and will determine your participation in our programs:

Coronavirus Response Act.

  • Have you been ill with fever, chills, cough, or body aches in the past 14 days?
  • Has anyone in your household had these symptoms in the past 14 days?
  • Have you or anyone in your household traveled internationally in the last 14 days?
  • Have you or anyone in your household traveled to a location in the United States where an increased incidence of COVID-19 has been reported in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been told by a healthcare provider that you should self-quarantine due to a potential COVID-19 exposure or are you suspected of having COVID-19?
  • If your answer to any of these questions is yes, consider seeking medical advice and self-quarantine. Notify your supervisor that you will not be able to work.
  • The reason behind this set of questions is being able to pre-screen people coming into the aquatics facilities. If we can eliminate those who are openingly symptomatic or may have been exposed then we dramatically lessen the risk of infection in our programs. This will lead to a better sense of safety for those inside the pool. It will cut down on those who could carry the virus. It is not absolute. It is a further layer of protection.


This new normal will take time to adjust to for everyone. It is important to follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe at all times.

Thank you for your patients, we are looking forward to seeing you all back again in the pool!