Defend from seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies are hitting the East Bay residents really hard every year!! Here are some tips to assist defend your self from allergies 

1) Wear sunglasses (they help block out pollen entering your eyes) 

2) Shower after you get in and know you won't be stepping out for the day 

3) Nasal irrigation after you get in - basically this washes out all the pollen sitting in your nose. I use neilmed sinus rinse but there are others.

(These 3 steps help remove a lot of the allergens you pick up during the day that continue to trigger reactions even when you are home)

4) Use HEPA filters 

5) Wash bedsheets more frequently 

6) Don't dry your clothes outside 

7) Eat foods that contain natural antihistamines: my favorites are: onions, cabbage, apples, fennel, watercress. The querceptin in these foods are natural antihistamines (querceptin is destroyed by heat so best if eaten raw) 

8) Eat anti-inflammatory foods: spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, and herbs like nettle and thyme help to fight the inflammation in your body caused by allergies. Fruits and vegetables in general are great and you should include lots of plants in your diet and try to reduce sugar which causes inflammation in the body. 

9) Studies have found that dairy can thicken nasal secretions so dairy elimination Might help with congestion (consult a dietician to make sure you don't miss out crucial nutrients if you do elimination diets) 

10) Stay hydrated - this again can help to thin nasal secretions and relieve congestion

11) Eczema can flare up with seasonal allergies so make sure you keep the skin moisturised frequently with emollients.